Friday, 19 November 2010

Ellen's Wedding. Burra open gardens.

G'Day again,
I would like this post to be part of the Friday Fertilizer prompt. You can see our host's name on my side bar. There is a Friday Fertilizer logo there. If you click on the picture it will take you to "Tootsie Time's blog and you can see what other gardeners around the world have to share.
Here are some photos from the Burra open gardens which were held on the first weekend in November. I went out there to have a look, as you read in my last entry...OMG.....bloody fantastic gardens displayed at their best. I tried to put in a link to the pics I put up on my face book account but...well you know all about my computer skills, or lack there of, so I am putting them in a separate post to share with you. OK. the first pic is of one of the many photographs I took of the wonderful Iris in flower at a nursery in Burra. All sizes shapes and colors.
Some more of the iris garden beds.
This is at another of the gardens. How would you like to wake up to this view each morning Mmmm mm-mm.Beautiful
An almost black iris. I have a special interest in black flowers.
A delicate pink iris. Iris, iris, and more iris. I did have a few in pots that were flowering but are nearly finished now. Mine were lovely, but the sheer variety and numbers here put them to shame.
Just look at the flowers.
And again, garden beds at the iris farm.
Pure gold.
Here is a red flowering gum at the second garden I visited. Very pretty and very Australian.
And... my theme flower. Waratah. The telopea. Overlooking the Burra landscape. What a view eh. I made this my flower because it is the state flower emblem from where I was born. New South Wales, and I love red. It is not that easy to grow I wondered if the owners had imported soil . The waratah will only grow in sand stone based soil which comes from around Sydney and the coastal areas around there. Certainly not the soil near Burra which is near Canberra. I know the ones growing in the botanic gardens here are in imported soils.
This is part of the second garden on display which is also run as a nursery. I had lunch here and the lady who owns this also blends tea, so it was a great visit for me and I got to sample some of her blends. It was funny trying to get my tiny little car up the steep hill when she stared to slip on the gravel corrugations but I managed it. Imagine what that driveway would have been like in wet weather, definitely an 4x4 needed.
But OH...just look at that view.
A big blood red Shirley poppy.
Another Shirley poppy. I had some of these growing happily in the last rented house we were in and had to leave them behind before I had the pleasure of seeing them in flower Grrrr. Ah well it wasn't meant to be was it.
Part of the first garden. Well is this beautiful or is this beautiful? I visited 4 of the 6 gardens on display before I ran out of time.
OK the rest of this post shows pics of my sister's wedding that I recently attended in Queensland.
The pic above is of my lovely niece Cassie, with her son Ezra 1 year old, and my son David at my sister's wedding.
The pic above is taken during the ceremony and shows beautiful my niece Tatham, her sister Cassie, my sister Ellen, the bride and my brother in law Sandy. Aren't they all beautiful.
(above) Peter and I at the wedding.
Sandy and Ellen, the Bride and Groom. Wed 31st October 2010.
My mob. David, Me, Michael, Annie and Peter.
A picture of the units we stayed in taken from the beach. Yeppoon, Queensland.
The units we stayed in at Yeppoon. It was really cool to watch the tide go in and out each day and see the subtle changes that happened on the beach.
My baby, Annie my youngest.
My great niece Ivory on the beach at Yeppoon. 4 years old.
This was an anagama kiln at a pottery near Yeppoon that my sister took me to see. It is a dragon with eyes etc to decorate it. Anagama kilns climb up a hill and are fueled by wood, they are a Japanese type kiln and need a couple of days constant stoking with wood and attention for the whole time to fire. Lots of hard work , but the end results are really something wonderful.
Before the wedding. Bride and groom. Hahaha.
Bride's daughter, my pretty niece Cassie, blowing me a kiss. Yes that head dress is just what you think it is. Hahaha.
This is the coal fired power station at Biloela where my sister lives. It is inland from Rockhampton about a 2&1/4 hour drive. The main industry for this area is coal mining and beef cattle. Great steaks, I got to sample them.
I took heaps of pics over the last few weeks in my travels, I hope these few I have shared give you a bit of an idea of what I have been up to.
Love Linda.


Karen said...

What a wonderful garden...all those gorgeous iris, and especially the black one! How beautiful! The wedding looked lovely, too.

Merle said...

Hi Linda ~~ The Burra Gardens are
beautiful, and I loved the wedding photos. Great one of you and Pete at
the wedding. I am so glad you got the house and are getting settled in.
All those veggies and fruit trees-
will be wonderful.
I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Sunday.
I hope you have a lovely day my friend and enjoy your special day.
Take care, Love and Hugs, Merle.

Missy said...

Linda - Hi. Hope you've settled in to your new home. Wish I'd known about those open gardens. We were in Canberra that weekend visiting family. It's looking greener than I've ever seen it. Took a trip out to Bredbo to the Christmas shop.
Beautiful wedding too. Yeppoon is a nice spot... and Happy Birthday!!!

Suzy said...

What a gorgeous garden. Love the way the iris are mixed with other perennials. That second photo is just beautiful. I love seeing wedding photos. Everyone is always so happy!

Suzy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. The irises I believe are 'Caesar's Brother' Siberian Iris. They really like to multiply.

Winterwood said...

Linda you look nice at the wedding... and the black iris is so unusal and quite stunning!

Bernie said...

I've finally caught up with your latest post. How lovely you all looked in the wedding photos ... it looked like a great day and such a great setting.

How are you settling into your new place? Made any of that jam yet?

I so enjoyed the photos of the Burra Gardens ... that's one place I'll have to put on my Must See list if I ever get down your way again. Loved that black Iris.

Jingle said...

love these flowers.

Anonymous said...

Your son Michael is HOT!

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