Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday Scribblings "What a difference a day makes"

I am back for a try at the "Sunday scribblings" prompt this week after several weeks absence. Anyway I was thinking of this weeks prompt laying awake last night. What came to mind was loving hands. Don't ask me why, but here goes.

Loving Hands
A day, a year, a decade, a life time.
I have watched your hands.
The nails, the long straight fingers
as expressive as any face,
in anger, sadness or happiness,
in excited speech,
in work, in loving touch.
A touch of love, sensual, gentle
showing their strength.
Holding our new born baby,
guiding a elderly arm,
soothing towards love, or sleep.
Mistakes forgotten to their touch,
their familiar touch
A day, a year, a decade, a life time.

Oh my children would cringe. Hahaha. Too embarrassing to have parents that still think like that. Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 51. The pic above was taken at my sister's wedding a few weeks ago.

Love Linda.


jaerose said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Linda! And lovely to have you back for Sunday Scribblings..your poem is just fantastic - that late night pondering paid tender and obvious pride in those hands..thanks for your visit..Jae

Shadow said...

don't cringe, its so full of love and tenderness, i like, i like!

and was it your birthday yesterday??? well then, a happy belated birthday, and may many a wish be fulfilled this year!

Carina said...

Cringing children or not, it's beautiful to share that kind of love with another.

Reflections said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you...

Lovely poem, and definitely shows what a difference a day makes, eons and eons of time flow naturally when we are in love, that kind of love anyway.

Ceebie said...

Happy belated! I should hope your children would treasure a family where their parents still feel such tenderness for each other - and that they'll see you as a model for a successful relationship one day :)

oldegg said...

You have clearly shown what it is to maintain your early love by cherishing all the little things, such as your husband's hands and loving them as well as his whole being. You demonstrate you have become part of one another.

Winterwood said...

oh I Like that Linda - youre such a good writer! and..........happy birthday to you... hope your next yr is your best ever!!

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Let the kids cringe--
That is just beautiful and such a tribute to Peter and your love for each other. They (kids) should be so lucky when their turn comes. You and Pete looked so nice at your sister's wedding. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday. Love, Merle.

gs batty said...

your words are great. you should write poetry more often. You see things that many of us do not even consider. Happy birthday and may you have many, many more.

Lilibeth said...

I say "let them cringe". Your poem is beautiful.

Jingle said...

Happy Belated Birthday..
awesome poetry.
lovely imagery.

Mary said...

What a wonderful sentiment. And happy belated birthday.

Flying Monkey said...

As I am not one of your kids I really like it ;-). It's a beautiful poem.
Happy belated birthday.

thelittlewriterthatcould said...

This made my heart smile! Hope you do other pieces to make your children cringe, lol. I am lucky enough to have a partner very much like you describe.... Love is such a gift.

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