Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sunday scribblings "Food".

So...I am almost a week late for Sunday scribblings as tonight is Saturday. Who cares. here I am anyway.
Time has been running too quickly for me of late and I have not been taking the time to write in here as I would like to do.
On the agenda this week, work as usual, and my little car needs to be registered. So heaps of ridiculous running between registry offices, sent from the Australian Capitol Territory then across the border into New South Wales and back again on a bloody wild goose chase between offices to no avail. I will try again on Monday.
Anyway the prompt word? Food.
Food of all sorts,
for the soul,
for the mind,
for the soil,
for the body?
What did you have for your main meal today?
In my country there is a dearth of it available, so much that is over used and wasted.
I will share with you my home made version of Butter chicken, which is easy to make and now a family favorite.
1. Chop up one medium sized onion and a clove of garlic and cook on low heat until onion turns clear.
2.Chop up 1 full chicken breast and add to onion mix.
3.Add 1/3 jar of whatever your favorite curry paste is. Tonight I used Patak's rogan josh paste. Probably equal to 3 heaped tablespoons of the paste.
4. Stir well then add;
1 tin of condensed tomato soup and 1/2 tin of water.
5. Add 2/3rds small tub of sour cream, or improvise and use whatever you have in the fridge without having to go out to the shops, like philly cheese or fresh cream or even coconut milk.
Cook , stirring well, reduce to a thick sauce if it needs it.
^. Serve with Naan bread, to sop up the gravy, boiled rice, a nice salsa and chutneys.
I like tamarind or mango chutney with it.
You can also do banana cut up and rolled in coconut. Also try yogurt with a spoonful of mint jelly and some fresh mint chopped up and mixed through.
For the salsa I cut up an onion, tomato, chives,basil, cucumber and blanched green beans sprinkled with a bit of balsamic vinegar.'
Gives 4 generous serves.

Food for the soul for me is the earth and her bounty, flora and fauna, of which we are all a part.
Food for my mind is reading here on the computer and sharing your blogging lives .
Food for the soil, give back what you take from it. I have a worm farm again after my last one was killed off in last summer's harsh heat.
I am loving this yard attached to the rented house we now live in. The yard is so productive and fertile. I am feasting on Tomatoes, plums, beans, capsicum, beetroot, cucumbers, pears and silverbeet, figs, basil, chives, mint, oregano, coriander, parsley, and grapes, we are also getting a few late strawberries each time it rains. I love being able to step outside and pick straight from the garden. There is more to come yet. Pumpkins, spring onions, leeks and peas have been planted and are yet to mature.
Mmmm food. Let us not mention over-nutrition, and the extra naughty things we eat. I am guilty. Oh dear!
Good night.
Love Linda.


Winterwood said...

wow what a lovely post... it fed my soul and a most satisfying bloggy read! I am a great fan of your scribblings Linda!

jaerose said...

A hearty post...must come to dinner one day for some butter chicken! Jae ;)

Missy said...

Mmm food - Your recipe sounds yummy. I tend to just use the bottle curry, throw it in and that's it. The new house sounds like it's got a great garden too.
Thanks for dropping by and glad you liked the tour around our place.

JTS said...

I love your blog posts, Linda! It always feels like we are just sitting on the porch talking over things with a cup of tea! So practical and down to earth. It sounds like you maintain a lovely garden and nothing beats cooking and eating what you've grown!

Annie said...

Hi Linda. I haven't participated in SS for a long time but hope to get back to it eventually. So much to do and so little time. I very much like your thoughts on food and the fact that it is more than something that nourishes the body. Meeting two blogging friends this week (face to face for the first time) nourished my famished heart and soul. I can never get enough of that.