Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunday Scribblings "Safe"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is the word "Safe".
What a word, what a question. The T.V. has been on since 5.30 this morning and in between work, etc I have been watching the horror of a huge super storm about to launch itself upon the north eastern coast of Australia. A cyclone called Yasi that is 500km across and has wind speeds of 295 kmh, categorized as a level 5 event, the highest you can get. It is predicted to hit the coast around 10.00 tonight near the town of Innesfall in Queensland. It is now, according to reports too late to leave and the evacuation shelters are all full. This cyclone is the largest ever in recorded history we have had to deal with in this country. In an age of media and computer communications the event is right in our faces, in our lounge rooms and workplaces.
I am safe being many hundreds of km below that area but I have a knot in my stomach thinking about the people who live and are visiting that area of my country.

Are you safe in your bed
Wrapped in sleep and warmth
while the world trembles.
Man can never
conquer nature and her terrors
And wonders.
Earth, water, wind and fire.
Essential to life in balance
Out of balance
we all know the story.
We are paid back in kind by her.

Or are we, I don't know anymore. Is this part of the earths cycles or the result of mankind's interference with her cycles. When you look at it we do not have a great deal, in fact only a handful of years in comparison to the age of the earth, from which to draw our information to make that comparison. Science analyzes and concludes to later be found wrong in it's assumption. So how do we know. All we can try to do is the right thing, as we believe and hope the best of an out come.
We don't really know. But we have to accept it, because...... well, we can't fight nature.
But we can try to live within it.
I am being fatalistic today aren't I ? Scary Scary stuff.
It is hot here, being summer, of course. We have several days of total fire ban despite the cooler wetter summer we have had. To prove the fact that we can't rely on the protection that such a season provides, there are fires burning around our surrounding state of New South Wales and further south in the state of Victoria in areas which were recently flooded. Hmmmmmm. Safe?
Something to ponder, especially if you are in the midst of a northern hemisphere chill.
That's all Folks.
Love Linda.


chrisd said...

I have a friend that lives in Whyalla and she said that the heat out there is terrible!

I too feel so sorry for those people who are enduring the hurricane. I'll pray for them tonight.

Here in Chicago, IL we are having a blizzard and lots of snow.

I am so thankful for the internet and to "meet" people from around the world. It keeps things in perspective, don't you think?

jaerose said...

Beautifully captured poem Linda - really reflective of what's going on around you..I hope you are in a 'safe' zone..I can't imagine the terror of dealing with such natural disasters..I kind of think they have always's just we get to see them on the news now so we know more about it..Keep safe..Jae

Bimbimbie said...

Wonderful poem and post Linda, I'm really looking forward to our coming cooler months.

Being a born skeptic I lean towards what the geologists have to say about time lines and "damage done by man". We are such inconsequential little dots with over inflated egos to think any weather changes are simply down to us.

I wish our government would forget carbon taxes and swapping light bulbs and concentrate on halting global deforestation*!*

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