Monday, 2 April 2012

Autumn Garden

          I have'nt posted about what is happening in the back yard lately. So here, goes.
Autumn is here and daylight savings ended over the weekend so it will get dark earlier. The days have started to become shorter over the past few weeks, and become cooler, but we still have been having some warm late summer days amongst them. This weekend was beautiful Saturday we had 26C Sunday we had showers in the afternoon and it was cooler. Some of the deciduous trees around Canberra have colored up with the autumn change, many are yet to come.
Anyway, enough innane talk about the weather, I am sure everyone knows what autumn is like.
I am trying to do my first post in here from my new baby computer. It is correctly called a tablet so it is quite different from the other one we have therefore I have to re-learn some things, please be patient. The photos I have included were taken just a short while ago around my yard.
I also haven't worked out where the spelling correct button has gone, so there will be mistakes. I will try to fix them but....oh well you know me.
I haven't worked all this out yet. I don't know how to put the text in between the photos. So Um? They include red cyclamen, oregano in flower, zucchini flower with lady bug, figs, gardenia, diosma, lavender, iceberg rose, one last azalea, and easter daisies.
The other few pics I have included here are of some bowls I have been working on. I have been decorating them over the weekend with some colored slips ( liquid clay) . A work in progress. The little lidded containers are finished, they were pretty but both of the lids are glazed closed, oh well, I can pretend, hahaha. If I hadn't told you that in here you wouldn't have known and you might have thought I was a good potter or something.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Your flowers are lovely, but your pots are exquisite! I love the artistic designs you are doing, you definitely have to post more photos of your pottery work.. it's very good! I envy anyone that can create such beauty out of a simple mound of clay, and I suspect it's very good mental therapy as well! It always seems so funny that you are all going in to the fall season just as spring reaches us here, and your Christmas is hot and sunny while ours is snowy and cold!

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