Saturday, 17 March 2007


It was raining this morning when I woke up, I heard we got 4 points, no watering needed tonight, but the rain has gone away again now. I worked today, all went well so I had an easy day. There was a motorbike crash this afternoon and they had to take the bloke by air ambulance to Canberra. They treated him in the back or the ambulance here before going towards Wagga to meet up with the retrieval team. I don't like seeing upset relatives, I'm too big a softy and feel like joining in.
Last year our neighbor's doves got out of the aviary and stayed around our back yard, we fed them for a while but when Pete opened up the cocky's cage one of them walked in and had been living there ever since. On Thursday this week there was another one around so Pete caught it and put it in the cage with cocky as well. When I came home we moved them into the empty chook yard and they were quite happy there for a few days but managed to escape again. They are both very tame and are staying around the yard. I can walk up to them and be about one foot away from them but when I put my hand out to catch them they take off so I haven't been able to catch them, one of them follows me around the yard because it knows I feed it, but stays just out of reach. They are too tame to stay out because a cat will catch them, I will try to catch it and modify the chooks cage so they can't get out again, the neighbors are obviously not interested in having them back and I can't just leave them for the cats to hunt. I didn't really take much interest in them before this but I think the little dove following me around the yard looking for a feed has won my heart now so I better look after it. Besides that I don't think we need another feral species to add to the collection we already have in our environment. I think they are called Indian ring neck doves.
I got to spend a few hours in my pottery shed on Thursday. I started out wedging up a large bucket full of recycled clay on the cement table in the back yard. The clay was standing and soaking for several months and came out lovely and plastic and was easy to throw so I had quite a successful throwing session. I made 4 good sized bowls. Two of them were flat serving bowls and the other 2 were taller and deep. I guess they would hold 3 or 4 litres each. On the flat bowls I placed some glad wrap in the bottom and pressed the rose patterned candles onto it so I could continue the rose and melted glass idea I have been playing with. On the two deeper bowls I sprigged a small rose just inside the rim which I thought would help as a finger hold. The clay was white stone ware. I'm happy with the form of three of them, I'm not real sure about the form of the largest flat bowl. It might end up back in the bucket. I didn't see anything of the large brown snake that I saw in my shed a few months back so I guess its moved on, I hope so anyway. The whole shed is covered in a layer of fine red dust from the dust storms we have been having and needs a good clean up and hosing out.

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linda may said...

Follow up on the bike accident. The boy was a local, known by my sons, he died in the ambulance on the way to Wagga. He had had a fight with his girlfriend and been drinking prior to getting on his friends bike. sad.