Saturday, 17 March 2007

Oura Beach, Murrumbidge River

I took these photos of Oura beach last year, which is about a 20 minute drive up river from Wagga. The photos show my Mum standing under the eroded roots of a huge river red gum tree that has been clinging onto the bank ever since I can remember and probably a lot longer than that. She is a bit less than 5 ft tall nowdays. Another shows the beach area looking up stream with water over the sandy bit. It isn't flooded, the sand is covered due to water being let out for irrigation. The other photo shows the view looking downstream from the reserve along our muddy Murrumbidge river. The other is of the tree my Mum was standing under earlier, taken from further back.I spoke about river red gum trees in a post I published earlier. (feb 16th) They are beautiful aren't they. I hope you can work out which is which because when I looked they were not in the order I put them.
Love Linda.

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