Sunday, 4 March 2007

A new month.

G'Day people,
Today is the a nice quiet Sunday and I get to stay home all day. I went out for Tea on Friday night and to the pictures in Wagga for a girls night out. There was 9 of us. We had a late tea in an Italian restaurant after the movie. I had warm chicken salad which was very ordinary because the chicken was over cooked and had gone stringy. Last night a group of potter's club people and I had Chinese tea in Wagga again. We had a banquet and by the time the last 2 dishes were bought out we were groaning and saying God, please no more! But it was really good food anyway. My dietitian lady would have been shocked. I don't have to go back to see her until June. Medicare (Govt. run free health care) covers me for 5 visits free each year and I am waiting to go back again then, meanwhile I am just trying to maintain what I lost before. The scales still measure the same, so far so good. Tea last night was Di's idea in lieu of her exhibition opening. Di is a talented sculptor, though she terms herself a clay worker. We have in our club a monthly exhibition by one of our members and we reckoned doing tea was a better idea for the social part of it. We should do this more often. Which is what we say each time we get to go out together like that. But yeah, we will make the effort to go together more often instead of just worrying about the running of the club.
Last night I hit a big owl on the way home that was on the road. There was a car coming towards me and I thought I saw something there, but wasn't sure, and slowed down but I hit it anyway. They sit along the sides of the road on fence posts because they know that the car lights going past will flush out little mice or other small things and they can swoop on them, but if their timing is just a bit out it is a deadly way to hunt. I also had a gorgeous little Gecko in the house last night that I caught in a box and took outside. They are quite common. When we lived in Darwin and Singapore they were very common there and you could hear them barking. Well not really barking, more like a repeating short high pitched squeak but we called it barking. I used to get their eggs and try to hatch them in match boxes in cotton wool when I was a kid. The Chinese used to say that if Gecko's lived in your house it meant you had a happy house. They are so fine and delicate, really lovely, but my cat thinks so too. He has been inside a few times I hope he stays outside this time for his own safety. Michael took a photo for me. His little toes are no more that a millimeter thick and the suckers on his toes are the size of a large pin head. He is a pale pinkish gray color, but I think they can change color with what surface they are sitting on. They hunt insects. The wall is a mauve/ gray color.
Spell check keeps telling me my spelling is wrong, it's the American version I guess, my spelling isn't that bad, but I'll go along because I hate seeing the little red lines across my writing and it is my compulsion to fix them. We spell color as colour here, gray as grey etc etc. Funny:)
Today is quite nice the temperature will be in the low 30's, it was hot yesterday 38 degrees, I think between 37 and 38 is equal to 100 on the Fahrenheit scale.
Yesterday while I was waiting for the clock to tick over I drove out to Lake Albert in Wagga to kill some time and went for a walk around the lake. It actually has a bit of water in it at the moment as Wagga got some rain over the last week that drained into it. We got no more than a light shower here. I used to go there a lot in my teens. I often took my old doggie, Princess, there for a swim but she got scared when I went in the water and used to try to pull me out again which was very funny at the time. She was a white German shepherd and the best dog I ever had. She lived for 18 years and when I married Peter her surname was changed with mine at the local vet, so pete married my dog too. My sister bought her for me from the R.S.P.C.A. she had been abandoned. I used to think she was a farm dog because she rounded up cattle and goats and put them back through a gate near my house a few times. This was not a popular pass time with the farmer however! She was very gun shy and would panic at loud noises so I reckon that's why they dumped her. She hated motor bike noise too, so if she wasn't locked up when the postman came around she would terrorize him. She was the best dog though. She also tried to mother all of my children when they were babies and looked after them. She is worthy of a host of other stories too numerous for today's entry, so that's all about her for now. Suffice to say I will never love another dog the way I loved her. Anyway back to the lake. It has been closed lately because the water level was too low and there was a blue green algae out break in it which is toxic. Over the last few years because of the drought there have been a lot of really big Murray cod found dead there and other fish dying. It got down to only a few feet deep, so it was closed to water skiing as well. It looks o.k. now though, but the water level is still quite low compared to what it used to get years ago. People were skiing there yesterday. The lake is man made and bordered by upper class housing and a golf club and boat club. Council is now working on the last stages of a walking track and you will soon be able to do a full circuit of the lake. Should be good. O.K. thats enough ramblings for today, gotta do some house work.
Bye Love Linda.

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