Thursday, 13 September 2007

Today was a beautiful spring day. I sat in the sun quite a bit, my face is a bit pinkish, which is naughty of me considering my past history with sun cancers. I took some pictures around my yard. Spring brings a new awakening in my garden and a result for the work I have done, or not done during the year. The first picture is of one of my Hellebores.
A pretty pest. One that is the most anoying weed in my world. Oxalis. When I did spinning years ago, I dyed some wool with this and it turned bright orange, when everyone else's turned green. Mine was different because it was boiled in a cast iron pot. A bit blurry huh?
I don't know what this is called but it is a succulent and there is a big pot of it out the front.
Another pesky weed, cape weed. It is from Africa and when we were kids we made daisy chains out of them. We called them pee the beds.
A daffodil.
This is a pretty little daisy in a big pot out the back.
Mum's pansies.
Madam Butterfly, snapdragons. This is their second season even though they are annuals.
Theses are the last of the apricot blossoms.

These little daisies are fever few.
These are the flowers from my coriander, it has gone mad this year and is now beginning to go to seed.
Mum tending her pansies.
Weathered wood , just because I love the texture and patterns in it.
More of Mum's Pansies.
Shhhh..... I have a secret! My 2 eggs hatched today. One in the morning one after lunch.
This is one of the 3 ring neck doves that next door's let out to go feral and I caught them and put them back in a cage.
I was enthusiastically scolded today in the back yard as there is a pair of english blackbirds nesting in the old almond tree. Mummy bird thought I shouldn't be out there and let me know about it while collecting numerous mouthfuls of worms and other tasty morsels from underneath my mulch. I bet they have very fat babies. I tried to get a pic of her but she wouldn't let me close enough. They must take turns of sitting on the nest. The nest is quite close to my shed door and she protests noisily when she sees me going in and out. They nest here every year but the dogs get the babies when they are learning to fly.
Pretty perennial wallflowers.
And the varigated version of wallflowers.
Little spring stars. Pretty but stink like onions.This is another of my hellebores. Growing under the shelter of the Lily Pilly tree out the back. It is a good value plant as it spills seed which comes up easily and helps to fill in this difficult to grow in spot.
Tonight I went over to Wagga to the civic theater for a presentation for grant recipients from Wagga city Council. Wagga potters got 2, one for a workshop and the other for sanding and resealing the gallery floor. I am quite pleased with myself as I did the applications. My birthday buddy, Kath and I went. I also saw one of my old school friends there with her hubby who got a grant for a sprinkler system for one of the football grounds. I had not had more than a passing greeting with them for years so it was nice to catch up with them. I will be back in the theater next month as I bought tickets to see a ballet. Men in tutus, should be a laugh. I had a junk food, take away tea afterwards, it wasn't very nice.
Kath gave me an clay extruder that came from my old potting pal Betty who died recently. Something else to remember her by.
I have not got the kiln I bought connected yet. I was naughty and bought a beautiful handmade red gum lazy Susan for my kitchen table that John made, so the kiln has to wait. I fired the big chook I made today, it is a Christmas present I made for someone. All went well from what I could see, and the kiln has not run out of gas yet as I had been expecting it to. The proof will be in the glaze firing. The chook is about 20 inches tall. I will take a pic when it is finished.
Bye Love Linda.


Martha said...

Hi Linda, Love your pics of the flowers. You are going into spring while I head into fall. It surprises me when it gets dark "early" now. Summer flowers have faded here but the fall colors should flare soon.

Brad said...

I liked them too. We have about none in common with you locally.

Anonymous said...

If you like Hellebores especially those with Green flowers - You have to see the Heronswood Nursery collection which includes Helleborus x hybridus 'Phoenix'. Masses of olive green flowers with a burgundy margin bloom in early March.