Monday, 3 September 2007

Folow up on museum day.

The museum day went very well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It started at 10.00 and there was a steady stream of people through the doors all day until it closed at 4.00. Well a steady stream for a town our size anyway. The raku firing was really good. The little kiln that June let us use, on the condition that her hubby Ian controlled it, was able to fire a small load of pots in just 20 mins after getting warmed up. There were no breakages. It was made from a half 44 gallon drum lined with ceramic fiber and is much faster than our Potter's club one. We had it going all day. The glazes went well. Probably because of the good melt June's little kiln did on them. If anything the pots were reducing a bit too much, some of the iron base glazes actually reduced to glossy black. Or was that a mistake in measuring out the glaze?
A man from town had a kick wheel so I had a play on it. I made a couple of things on it. I had not had a turn of one before and had a bit of trouble balancing , standing and kicking at the same time so Brian did the hard work for me and kicked while I threw. I reckon I'm glad to have my electric wheel.
There wasn't many people interested in the come and try table . I guided 3 women who made a molded ball vase and a trapped air pinch pot that one lady made in to a turkey and another lady made a duck. I made a chook. It was fun though, and we had quite an audience at one stage. There was another man there who had his first try on the wheel and made 2 quite good little pots by himself. More talent or skill than I, or most people, could manage on a first try. It's funny how you occasionally find someone like that. I wonder what they might have done in a past life?
I didn't have time to take photos but Sharon said she would give me hers on a disk as she took lots and she has a nice fancy camera and knows how to work it.
I spent the day running between the Raku kiln and the come and try table, I didn't sit down all day.
I also had a turn on Brian's shaving horse. Brian does bush woodwork and makes great creative chairs, all handmade using no power other than his own hand tools. He calls himself a chair bodger. Look it up. He was the woodwork teacher for many years at the high school. He was also the entertainment as he holds sing-a-longs and plays his ukulele, mouth organ or accordion with another lady (don't know her name) who accompanies him on the fiddle. It gave a really nice atmosphere. We have some interesting people in our little town.
A sad bit was, my potting friend Lyn is leaving on her traveling adventure with her husband Pat in the next few days and the museum day will be the last I see of her for a long time. They are intending to travel in their caravan for 3 years, health permitting. We might see her though, when she drops back in and out of the area to see family, and to check on her dearly beloved grandchildren.
On Sunday I was exhausted, not just tired. Poor Peter had to put up with me being whingie and falling asleep on and off all day, and it was Father's day here. He wanted a watch, so I bought him one. He also got his favorite dinner. Silverside, cooked to perfection, because I put it on to cook and went back to bed for a few hours. I felt o.k. today though. I went to work and managed to keep everything on track and on time. I have 3 days off now. Pretty good job eh! I only get paid for what I work though, so the coming fortnight's pay might be a bit lean.
Tomorrow I clean house! Bye.
Love Linda.

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Martha said...

Hello Linda, thanks for your comments and never feel you are intruding. I blog to share and connect with people I would never otherwise know. I visit your blog often and even though I may not always leave a comment I enjoy your posts.
I thought about insect or other damage to the tree when I first found the sap on my tree. I have not seen anything suspicious on other trees in the area so maybe was a one-time thing or it is still developing. Keeping my eye on it.
Love yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, second-hand shops, etc. We have a Goodwill store locally and I love their slogon: Creating the future by selling the past.