Friday, 31 August 2007

Museum Day, last day of winter

Today I spent the whole day doing stuff to get ready for the museum day tomorrow. Most of the morning was spent here at the puter doing headings and making information sheets to put on the notice board. ( I am a slow coach) I got some great, bright sheets of cardboard to set them up on. A bright hot pink, blue and orange. I filled up the rest of the board with photos of some pots our members made.
I went down to the museum about 3.30 to set up and we moved tables and arranged wheels and where the raku kiln would go, then I set up the notice board. It is coming together well. Now we just need customers and a nice sunny day for tomorrow, the first day of spring. I measured up 3 glazes to use, a white crackle, a glossy yellow and a turquoise blue. Sharon is bringing the copper penny and another glaze. I also took down the tools, moulds and bits and pieces to have for the come and try table. My little car was full. Good little work horse.
I got some repairs to my car done last week. I didn't get back to the garage to pay the bill yet so I don't know how much it cost.
Annie has Glandular fever. She went to the Doctor to get the blood test results and they said that she has had it for years and that the only symptoms she had probably had were tiredness up until now. She has always been a good sleeper so I never took any notice. Her brothers both got it in their teens , she most likely had it bubbling away in the background since then. It reacts with antibiotics so the tablets she had for an infection after the flu probably stirred it up. She has had the occasional sore throat but nothing very much to bother about until now. Not even bad enough to go to the Dr's for. She must have a neglectful mummy, not knowing she had it.
My great nephew died last Thursday and was buried this Thursday in Brisbane. I didn't know him well but I was close to his mum as she is just a few years younger than me. He got the flu and as he was H.I.V. positive it caused a lot of damage and his heart gave out. What a waste of a life. Though I believe homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice but is an inborn trait. Sad. Bye Tony....
Last night I went to my second stained glass lesson. A guy in town here does them and one of the nursies (Rose) from work asked me if I would like to go. I am working on a trial beginners piece that combines the two techniques of copper foiling and lead lighting. It is a panel with a flower. I chose bubbly glass purple petals and a clear bubbly glass center with green bubbly glass leaves. I am about a 1/3rd of the way through grinding the pieces to made them fit together. I am enjoying doing something new, but I don't really know what I am doing yet. The other people in the group seem good fun. It does not look like a cheap hobby to try though. I will have to explore patterns to decide what I would like to make next.
One of our old potter's club members, Betty, gave me a little box of beautiful antique glass samples and told me she knew I would use them for something and not waste them, so I hope I can learn to make something from them at the lesson, in her memory. She died just a few weeks ago. She was in her early 90's and very stubborn and determined to stay independent, yet she was at the stage where she needed to go in to care and was horrified at the thought. So she was ready to die rather than give in. She was a nurse too and knew what she wanted for her self. Love Ya Bette.
Bye Love Linda.

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