Friday, 3 August 2007

Boring, Boring, eating chockie bikkies. Garden,

It is boring here. I am sitting eating all the chockie chip biscuits I am not supposed to eat, out of boredom, they taste goooooood. Just going to work and coming home again to sleep. I had an annoying roster this month. Lots of days split up, so there was only a one or two day break here and there off between them.
I had x'rays done last week on my sternum and clavicle. I went off the anti inflammatories because my stomach was starting to get upset with them so the aches and pains are back. It really annoys me in bed and wakes me up often during the night. I go to the doctors next Wednesday to get results. Sternums are difficult to x'ray and it took them about 3/4 of an hour and lots of photos to get it right. I wonder how many rads I got from that? Whinge, Whinge.
Dave was here for tea last night and I did not want to cook so we went to the Commercial hotel and had tea there. He bought his dog Ruby with him to play with Rufus. She is a black Staffordshire terrier and about 3 times Rufus's size. Anyway after cleaning out the cats bowls and terrorizing her, Ruby decided it would be nice to have a wrestling match, -on my lounge-, at which point both doggies were firmly thrown outside. David came back and said "What! you threw my dog outside!" Uh Huh! We have never had a dog before Rufus that came inside the house much. Just remind me why that was please. Ruby makes Rufus look like an angel. But David loves her. Love Me Love My Dog. She is a funny dog though and when Dave says her name she answers him back by saying woo woo woo woo! Like she is giving him a mouthful of cheek in return.
I got a pretty dark pink double Marguerite daisy and some miniature cyclamens yesterday to try under the big cratageous tree out the back. The daisy will do fine but the cyclamen are an experiment. I guess I will have to wait until next winter to see if they pop back up again.
Yesterday was quite a nice sunny day here and I spent most of the morning outside doing a bit of maintenance in my garden. I put some more gypsum and dolomite around and did some cutting back and weeding. I have now finished rose pruning. I really slaughtered the miniature roses this year, they should come back strong next season. They always do.
I have left the box of pottery tools in the middle of the room so I can make more bits and pieces as everything will be in reach. I made 2 magic lanterns that I am pleased with, out of Raku clay. We have 3 firings planned in the next few months. Other bits and pieces were 3 slab vases in weird shapes and about half a dozen slab plates with the rose patterned tile pressed in the middle of them. Should be good. The monthly potter's club meeting is on tomorrow, I need to get on to organizing details of the museum day on 1st September, it is only a month away.

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