Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Australis robustus clayii Some pics.

Here are some pictures to share.

This is a picture my daughter Annie did with charcoal the other day. I thought it was pretty good.These are the chooks I made this afternoon.
This is our newest family member. He is Charlie and is about 5 mths old now. He entertains us all with his constant chatter, except for when he copies the phone ringing and drives us all batty. He is very interactive.
Pete and his favourite post work pastime.
Rufus, MY BLANKIE! He stole this old rug off the lounge one day and adopted it. He uses it all the time to cuddle up and sleep on.

I recently spent time repairing and renovating this dog. He is very old and brittle. Made of plaster, I got it at an auction about 15 yrs ago, he sits in my living area.
These are 2 of my silkie hens. The one at the front is the wrong colour, her comb should be black, not red and have blue bits at the sides, and has a extra big top knot. When it rains her top knot falls over and she looks really funny, like she is having a bad hair day. The silkies are quite old now and don't lay many eggs.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, very spring like. I had the day off and I was pottering around my garden, amongst other things, enjoying myself I was thinking about plant names and how they come about. Then my abstract old brain ran on to people names, so, I thought what if I had a plant name. I decided that I should be "Australis robustus clayii." Lol. Yeah I know I am weird.
I fired the old kiln with a load of bisque, raku clay pots for the event at the museum. A few of them were someone else's work so I was careful, everything looked alright when I opened it up this afternoon. A friend's grandson, Josh made a couple of chooks for the raku firing we will be having there and I thought they were cute so I made a few of my own this afternoon, just for fun.
Pete's sister and her husband came for afternoon tea yesterday afternoon, it was the first time she had got on a bike again after loosing her first husband in a bike accident several years ago. They have just bought a new black Harley, nice to look at and quite the status symbol etc. They can have it. I have always been scared of bikes. I have never been on one and never intend to. I actually had a ride in my uncle's sidecar when I was a teenager, but it had more than 2 wheels, so that doesn't really count. He did a lot of talking to get me in it though. He took me down the main st of Wagga and every time we turned a corner he took great delight in lifting the side car up into the air and making me squeal. It was great fun though. My uncle Wal has always been a character, still is. At the age of 82 he still goes for a daily walk of 4km (sometimes more) along the side of the road, he still drives his camper van everywhere and goes camping down the river often and is as brown and tanned as ever. He never learned to read but he can build or fix just about anything. He and his wife have been together since they were both 13yrs old and couldn't have children so they always have little dogs they take everywhere with them who have all been named Tiny. Yep! my mind has wandered off again on a tangent.

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