Sunday, 5 August 2007

Feeling positive,

The Potter's club meeting was yesterday, I had a good day with quite a good lot of sales. Best of all I got 2 letters from the P.O. box saying that my application to Wagga City Council was successful for both grants. One grant was to attend a workshop in Fitzroy Falls in Feb 08 with Neil Boughton who does great raku lustres. They actually gave me more money than I applied for and I don't know why, so I have to check before we use it. If it is right I will use the extra money to pay the deposit on the accommodation I have booked. I was unsure if they would approve this one as the event is not held in Wagga. The other grant was to sand and reseal the gallery floors and was quite a bit of money, so I was excited to get that awarded too.
I got an email off Marion who was a good friend and potter's club member who moved away. G'day Marion it was great to hear from you. It sounds lovely where you are surrounded by bush and waking up to kangaroos and birds on your front lawn in the mornings. I have a vacancy for the workshop in Feb if you are interested. We would love to have you and it is not too far from you. Neils glazes would suit your work. You have too much talent to let your pottery slide.
Also following the meeting yesterday I am feeling more positive about the museum day in Junee on 1st September as it sounds as though we should get a good roll up of members to attend. I was a bit worried about numbers at one stage. First day of spring.
I trimmed up the camellia out the front the other day. It did not have a bud on it and it should be in flower now. I don't know if that is from my neglect of because of the drought and a very harsh previous season but it always flowers every year. The pruning will do it good though.
Nan and Michael are still in Grafton. They were laughing on the phone to me as it seems the baby, Ivory has taken a liking to Michael and won't leave him alone. Mum says it is funny because it is almost like she is flirting with him. She has taken to squealing at him if he doesn't watch her and give her his full attention. It is funny how little kids take to him. His friends children like him too and I know he loves that. He would be enjoying Ivory's attention. My cousins little boy follows him around and talks to him like a little old man when he sees him too. My cousins son has lost his grandfather and misses him terribly so I guess Mike is a male substitute, but we don't get to see them often enough. It seems that as we age we see less of one another. Get involved with our own little lives or whatever. Tyranny of distance etc. That's all as I am missing the show I have been following on S.B.S. on Sunday nights about a lawyer in the outback of W.A. Bye.

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Jane said...

Hi - Thanks for leaving a comment on my site - I loved the quote - very very true!

I am a great fan of raku - while at school we had a very inspirational pottery teacher and we built a raku kiln on the edge of the school playing field. the results were a bit random but impressive none the less.

I haven't done any pottery since but there is a class due to start nearby in the Autumn so I have put my name down,