Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What makes you smile?

Good morning. What makes you smile? If you read this give me an answer.
This morning while sitting at the kitchen table eating my morning toast I looked down and there was Rufus with a hopeful look on his face and his lead draped over his shoulders and in his mouth. Some days you need to look for something simple to make you smile, don't you. I forgot to hang up his lead yesterday and first thing he did when he came inside was remember and drag it over to me. He is so cute. Animals (except Humans) are beautifully innocent and without guile and give back unconditional love for very little in return.
At work... I am pissed off at someone and had a bit of a meltdown that had been building up for weeks, maybe longer. I have written a letter and put it in my locker, but will hold off on presenting it and see how things develop. I write very effective letters when I am angry. I was ready to walk out on Sunday and am seriously thinking of applying for a transfer to another site. I don't have to go back there until next Saturday, thank god, or I probably would have lost my temper and been sorry for it. If I loose my temper I always go too far. I don't want to leave the job but I am not willing to put up with the situation. I have never in my life been sacked from a job, but I have walked out on a few.
O.K. that is enough about that!
Rufus is now sitting on the mat near the door with his face on his paws and when I move he looks up pathetically to check I'm not ready to take him for his walk yet.
I have a bisque in the kiln at the moment, it contains about a dozen bowls that I have decorated with black slip sponge designs and some raku clay chooks. I think the gas will run out soon and I will have to change the bottles over, which is a pain. I got 2 names from the Christmas list that we do at work. They both like chooks and I thought "that's easy, I can do that". We have 2 Christmas parties at work. One where we just go 0ut for tea with the domestic staff and another with the whole hospital staff, so there are 2 lists. You pick a name out of a bucket (or whatever) and buy that person a present up to $30. The big party we have with everyone is a bit um! A lot of the nurses go out with the expressed intention of getting as drunk as they can in front of each other so they can laugh about it later and compare notes on who did what. Not really my style. I am not a total wowser though. I know how much I can drink to relax and get merry without wiping myself out and being sick the next day. I just choose not to. In fact the Christmas party is one of the few times during the year that I drink at all. Without getting on my soap box too much on the subject... I think we have in this country, a culture of over indulgence with alcohol that drinkers are very proud of... to their own detriment.
Rufus is now trying to eat his lead.
Mum and I went in to Wagga yesterday to get my great niece Ivory a birthday present. Mum goes in to sensory overload in the shops which is really annoying. We came back with enough presents for Christmas and birthday for Ivory. But mum enjoyed it. My poor old Mum has never had a lot of disposable income before and for the first time ever is able to enjoy spending her money on things other than household bills and supplies. I am sure the shop sales people think I am horrible and domineering when I tell her that we don't want or need something she wants, she gets upset with me though. Never mind, if they are lucky they will get their turn of looking after an elderly parent and having roles reversed on them. We had a beautiful fresh lunch at "Cache" cafe. She had fresh, light, toasty Turkish bread filled with turkey & cranberry sauce with different salad leaves. I had the same bread with bacon, avocado, tomato and leaves. Simple and beautiful. Nothing I couldn't do at home but all the nicer because I did not have to make it.
Rufus is now standing with his paws on my leg, and looking even more pathetic. I better go. I also have to get some tablets from the chemist that I forgot yesterday.
Bye Love Linda.

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Martha said...

Things that make me smile include watching my two dogs vying for the attention of my husband when he starts making over one of them and the other butts in.