Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lazy Sunday Morning, Pottery.

Today is Sunday. I have been lazing around, sitting in the sun, reading a few blogs, doing some washing, enjoying the morning.
Yesterday was Australia Day, a national public holiday where we are supposed to celebrate and be patriotic about being Australians. It is also the day when community and citizenship awards are given out and new Australians can become citizens if they want. I went to work, but I watched the concerts etc.
During the week I had workmates in my pottery shed for 2 days and we worked on the Mural I am making for Dr Pott's memorial garden at the new Junee Hospital. It is looking good. It measures about 4 and a half feet by 3 and a half feet. The main idea being the spreading branches of a big old gum tree, likened to the hospital spreading its arms across our local area in care and protection. I used buff raku clay because it is nice and gritty and strong and it colours nicely when fired. I am going to once fire it to 1200 degrees Celsius, and it has been written on with brown slip to include all the town and district names in our area. I added a bit of frit to the slip recipe to get a better melt and colour response. Should be good, it just has to survive the firing. I must be very careful. It can't be put up for a year after the new hospital is built because there is some legal thingy in the contract that says we can't do any changes to the outside of the building for one year as it will be still considered the property of the building company until then. I guess there is a good reason for that ? I will most likely be in Canberra before then.
Pete goes back to Canberra for the formal part of the job interview on Thursday next week.
My baby has left home. Yesterday. In preparation for the beginning of the new university semester which starts next week with orientation week. I keep walking into her room and looking at what she has left behind. Some old artists books she painted in and a few stuffed toys, her bed since she was tiny. Hmmmm. I am not as bad as when David left home though. Then I went through weeks of thinking I was now redundant, and dropping around to the flat where he had moved, trying to buy him more stuff I thought he might need and cleaning up for him. C'mon Mum, boys dont want pretty curtains, lol. They want to party and attract girls and be out of your sight.
This afternoon I will see them. I have teed up with Dave, a few of his friends and Pete, the 2 Michaels and some other people to put all the heavy shelving back into the Potter's club after the renovations have been done. They have to be lifted so our new polished floor isn't scratched. I told them I would shout them lunch beforehand. I reckon Pizza in the park would be easiest.
I am going to make some phone calls to finalise that now.
Bye. Love Linda.


Krissie said...

hi Linda and a happy australia day to you too! sounds like you are v v busy over there! have fun with the pottery! hope there is a photo of some of it soon?

Bimbimbie said...

Hello Linda, nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment. Yes I love May Gibbs and her gumbabies world. I'm echoing Krissie and would love to see a photo of your pottery it sounds wonderous *!*