Thursday, 31 January 2008

Here are some photos of the mural I made with workmates last week, to go in the Dr Pott's memorial garden that is being built at the new Junee Hospital. Also some photos of the sunset today and of lunch in the park in Wagga last Sunday. See my last post. The first one is of my son David wrestling with his sister Annie.
You can just see a big fountain in the background, it is made of cast iron. When I was a child I loved it and would play in it. It was let get run down and rusty over many years and was removed from the park and taken away and forgotten about . It was sent away a few years ago and has recently been returned and set up in the garden at the front of the park. It is beautiful.
My son Michael and Mum in the park at lunch time last Sunday.
Gayton, he is one of the wardspersons at work, doing one of the small plaques.
The one above is Nick working on the smaller plaque.
This is Sharon's son Nick having a try on the potter's wheel which he thoroughly enjoyed.
The small plaque with the verse on it. One plaque has the verse and the other one has all of 2008 staff names on it in sgrafitto. Trish wrote the verse.
Sharon painting the verse.
Nick turning his pot. I measure how long I have been working at the hospital by Nick's age because his Mum went on maternity leave just after I started work there.
Cutting the mural up into tiles. Gayton doing the cutting. Lucy holding the guide, Alta supervising, in the red shirt and Janece looking on. Lucy is gorgeous and one of my favourite people, our kids have been good friends since kindergarten, we were married on the same day, same year and time and we both have 2 boys and a girl in that order. Also our Mums have the same birthday. It is weird how we have so many coincidences between us.
Linda practicing writing with a brush before painting the town names onto the mural.
Anne and Sharon smoothing and piercing the thick bits on the tiles.
The mural after cutting up and having the town names put on.
Me working a coil onto the edge of one of the small plaques.
I went out the front this evening and took a picture of the nice sunset. This is looking south.
Rocky hill sunset this afternoon.
The mural before cutting.
Alta and Lucy working on the mural.
I gave Rose the job of making up the slip recipe. Beside her is Gayton working on one of the small plaques. He was a chef in an earlier occupation and likened this job to cake decorating. Sorry these picture are all out of sequence.
This is in the park in Wagga last Sunday when we went over there to move all the shelving back into the gallery after the renovations. David my son was wrestling with his sister while her boyfriend Michael was looking on. My daughter may be tiny but she is quite capable after growing up with two elder brothers who teased hell out of her.
A couple of sulphur crested cockatoos in the tree above us. We went to the park one day a few years ago and my kids thought it highly amusing that one of these cockies shat and it landed on my head. They are quite big birds. I guess I could add the line from an old joke here, ( Gee, I'm glad that cows can't fly!).
The Potter's club gallery with the painting done and floor just polished. A big improvement.
The sunset looking south west tonight. Taken from the lane behind my house.The tree silouette is in my back yard. It is a very old dead almond tree with a lovely single yellow rose growing up it.
A bit more of the pretty sky tonight. Looking south out the front of the house.
This saturday is the potter's club A.G.M. I don't know who is taking on the executive jobs this year but I expect there will be a few changes as the presidents husband is very sick and I am still waiting to see what eventuates from the move to Canberra idea. Pete went all the way to Canberra today, a three hour drive to attend his interview and it took all of 15 minutes. He was offered a place on the training course pending his successful health and fitness test which will be carried out next week.


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, enjoyed seeing your photos you and your friends have done a wonderful job - the fig tree looks lovely, you must
be thrilled to be part of a great group of friends and co-workers. Those skies look gorgeous too *!*

Krissie said...

oh linda stunning photos....hey..who won the wrestling match...son or daughter? lol!!

Merle said...

G'day Linda ~~ Great photos and you are all working very hard together
which is wonderful. I really loved the soft colours of the evening sky and the sun setting. Beautiful.
Thanks for your comments and I am so glad that you liked God's cake etc
Take care,Love, Merle.