Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sunday Scribblings

Here are a couple of anecdotes on this weeks sunday scribblings prompt. Foul.
First one is Foul Behaviour.
The Japanese whaleing companies win this award hands down at the moment.
Just for anyone who hasn't heard the news stories pertaining to this subject of late. The Japanese whaling fleet have been continuing to slaughter whales in the southern oceans each year. As far as I know there are only a few countries left in the world today that condone and support them in their actions. Everyone else is against them. They slaughter whales and use the excuse that they are doing so for scientific purposes but whale meat is readily available in Japan for consumption. I have heard that the younger generation are not that fond of whale meat so now they have a advertizing campaign going, to encourage them to eat it. For scientific purposes of course. I guess they want to know how much more money they can make for the company by going against popular opinion and continuing their whale hunting. Is that a scientific experiment or a big buisness scam?
The next of my anecdotes is about my old doggie princess. She wins the award for the most foul smell I have ever smelt. Princess was a labrador, german shephard cross and she was the best dog I ever had. I first got her when I was 16 years old. She had a sort of labrador body shape and a white german shephard coat and ears. I loved to take her out in my car for runs at the river, or one of the local stock reserves, when I first got my drivers licence at 17 years of age. Have car, have dog will travel type of scene. Anyway, she loved perfumes that only a dog could love. One day I took her out in the little Gemini car my sister used to own, to a stock reserve by the river for a run. She was gone for quite a long time snooping and sniffing around like she loved to do when I decided it was time to go home . I had to look for her for a while and when I found her, I opened the back door of the car and she took a running jump straight in to the back seat. On her adventure she had found a really, really ripe sheep carcass and rolled in it to perfume herself, doggie fashion. She was very happy with herself and with the decayed slime, blood and guts that she had coated herself in which was hanging putridly all around her neck and collar. Of course when I grabbed her I put my hands in it to add to the chaos. Fun. My sisters car had vinyl seats and she cringed down into the seats when she saw I wasn't happy with her and coated them in her perfume too. They absorbed the smell quite well..... I couldn't do much about the situation where I was, so I had to drive home in the mess with all four windows open so I could breath. When I got home I washed and scrubbed the car , myself and her. We had to drive around for weeks afterwards with the windows in the car wound down because the smell would not go away no matter what we did.
And my beautiful doggie was not very popular with anyone in the family, least of all my sister.
Princess lived to be 17 years old and shared life with me through my engagement, my marriage and the birth of my three children. she protected and nurtured my children when they were babies and they grew up with her, like I guess I did too. She and I shared many adventures and mis-adventures together and she gave me lots of love during the many years we had her as a companion.

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Bimbimbie said...

What a gorgeous smelly Princess story. Can picture your sister's expression when she saw or smelt what Princess had done. Lovely to have had her share your growing up too.

.... you know how I feel about those *@*! Whalers. I did hear that the Greenpeace Japanese language link is getting 10,000 hits a week from the Japanese public who are finally waking up to what their government is up to.