Sunday, 17 February 2008


Tonight I have been reading everyone's blogs and leaving messages. Mike helped me to fix up my blog and put on a proper list of my favourite reads. Thank you to everyone I have included. You are my regulars and I really appreciate getting messages back from you. I hope nobody minds me including them in my list.
Today I worked as early cook, so I had a 6.30 start, it was a nice day though. All the girls at work have been on to me and saying they don't want me to go. That Pete should go without me etc. That I must love him better than I love them, and I am leaving them in the lurch with not enough staff. lol.
I have 3 days off work now and then back for one day then I have 17 days holidays.
I didn't know I had so long off because I just put in for days to originally go to the Fitzroy Falls workshop. I'm not complaining. It will be good. The tutor does post fire reduction lustres. He gets great colours out of the process, plummy purples, copper, red and gold metalics with a good reduction. I guess if you aren't a potter you don't know what I am talking about. I will post some pictures when I get back next week. We are staying in cottages in the bush next door to the national park, they have walking tracks, a B.B.Q. area and a pool. But I don't think ayone is game enough to show off their beautiful bodies and get in the pool. I guess that depends on how hot, or how dark it is. My potting pals, Kath, Edie and Milton are going in my car and we will be going down the escapment to the south coast to put our feet in the ocean the next day.
Fitzroy Falls has a big waterfall and is in a national park. It is about 4 1/2 hrs drive from here at the top of the escarpment and only 1/2 an hour from the coast. Too close to miss being tempted by the smells, sounds and feel of the ocean. Should be good. Someone at work told me that Gerringong is closest to there. I haven't checked out the map yet. It has a big wild beach. Seven mile beach. The first time I went there was on a school excursion for Geography, when I was probably 16. There were 2 bus loads of us. Just about the whole year. At night we went down and had a bonfire on the beach. We also visited Jamberoo and explored some rock platforms by the sea, looked at soil profiles, rainforests, etc. Just incase you haven't noticed from my wafflings, I like that sort of stuff. My friend got drenched by the blowhole at Kiama, it was so funny. She just stood there and stared at the big wave that rolled in and shot out the blowhole while everyone else ran away. The bus drivers also got us lost and the bus got bogged on some dirt back road he took us down and all the kids had to get out and push. No mobile phones to get you out of trouble in those days.
One of the girls on that trip in my year at school, is now working with me here in Junee as a nurse. Small world. I never liked her much in those days but she is o.k. now. Maybe we just got to know each other. When I first stared work here she kept saying to me "I know you from somewhere I will work it out", but I couldn't remember her until we said our maiden names and where we went to school. Our daughters are the same age and they don't think much of each other either, maybe they will change their minds later too.
Tomorrow we are getting a second opinion on the value of our house. Pete will be here but I have to do the Mum's taxi thing and take Mike to have a facial X'ray in Wagga as he has been having trouble with his wisdom teeth. Annie also wants me to play taxi and no doubt financier while I am in there.
O.K. I am going to bed. I have been up since 5.30 this morning and it is now 11.30 here.
Good night. Love Linda.


Krissie said...

thanks for adding me to the 'pool' of your faves links...

oh no not the dreaded wisdom teeth...been thru 3 ops with the dd's on this...phew glad theyre alldone with that now!

miss*R said...

when are you going to Fitzroy Falls? I am off to Sussex Inlet this weekend.. which is past Gerringong.. I love Fitzroy Falls and all that area, it is beautiful!
have fun!