Monday, 11 February 2008

Kids Today!

G'Day People,
Tonight I wanted to write my post in response to a comment received from Miss R, on my last post. I am not knocking you Miss R just trying a different point of view so please don't take offence.
As I read back through comments from different generations about the newest generations, parents and the older generation seem to say the same things about each other. I reckon it is because they are at different life stages and not because either one generation or the other is wrong or bad or worse than the other.
Um how do I explain myself?
In the 50's it was the demon rock & roll, which is so tame and bland in comparison to todays music, the 60's was no hoper flower children and protesters, the 70's was draft dodgers and the drug culture, the 8o's was greed and terrible fashion, the 90's well I can't think of anything else, but I am sure the list will continue on as time goes by.
We say that teenagers and children are lazy, selfish and have more than we ever did but still complain about their lot. Well yeah! They are, but so were we to our parents at the same age.
They say we are old fashioned, bossy and want to dominate every part of their lives and that we nag them to do so. Well yeah we do and they are right too! They interperet it different to us, we see our attempts to try to correct them as trying to help and give them the benefit of our life experience. They want that about as much as we did at their age from our own parents.
I don't want to sound like I am preaching but.... Well I guess I am .... I reckon that few of the younger generation have great character to show us because it takes a lifetimes worth of life experience to develop. Hence our respect for the stories and advice we receive from old people.
When we see outstanding young people we have to think that maybe they are not showing the same face to us as adults that they show to their peers and therefore should not compare them to others.
Maybe they need to experience the things in their life, as they travel through it, to learn the things we know and think the same way we do.
Oh dear , I am not sounding too good here. I know what I feel but putting it in to words.........
I guess this subject covers a wide area and lots of ideas could be discussed here. Like the changes that we as a culture have had over the last few decades with technology running and sometimes ruling our lives. Technology that runs quicker than my generation can keep up with, but which the younger generation seems to take easily in their stride while they forget about some of the things we find more important. Technology that overloads our minds so that other things get forgotten and sift through our memories. Both good and bad I guess.
Anyway, something to think about, we survive and learn and are still here , mostly happy with our lot regardless of what trials we go through. We know if we keep holding on things always get sorted in the end.
All the best Love Linda.


Krissie said...

Linda youre right about technology, I spend too long on the puter, probaby cos I'm slower at it than my kids are! They DO take it in their strides, I have to spend time learning it! Like the new phone I got for xmas, guess who I ask when it doesnt work or I cant get it to work..thats right...DD!!

miss*R said...

Hi Linda.. yes, I do agree that there are some amazing kids out there. I guess I wasn't cheeky to my parents because I became a parent myself at 17!
by the way - the friend is Maddy... ha! small world... xo