Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you gave and received something appropriate for the occasion.
I gave a chocolate heart and received a packet of Tim Tams. Yummy chocolate biscuits. If you bite a tiny bit off 2 corners, one from each end, and suck your cup of tea through it they disintergrate and turn into a beautiful gooey mush. Yum. A weird treat. I love melty chocolate. Just like I love melty cheese. Much better than cold & hard.
Yesterday I didn't have a good day. We cleaned everything we could think of in preperation for the local real estate bloke (the only one in town) to come and have a look at our house to tell us what he thinks it is worth. (No my house isn't dirty, I am not a great house keeper but I'm not that bad either.) They spent about 2 hours looking and talking and told us that our house was only worth $145,000 on todays market. I was shocked at first, then dissapointed then thought no. That can't be right. I had been looking around at what other places were selling for in town and there is no bloody way. Maybe because I have lived in this house for so long and loved it my opinion might have been tainted. But no, no. I have spoken to everyone at work today , they know my house and were all saying that can't be right, he is trying to rip you off Linda May! It is a 4 bedroom home, 2 x 2 car garages and a garden shed, updated kitchen and bathroom, separate lounge and family room, insulated, new roof on the back part, good garden, block of 960 square m., reverse cycle air conditioners, new floating floors in the living areas, 2x 4000 + litre water tanks. If it was anywhere but Junee it would be worth nearly 3 x as much as their valuation.
They showed me houses that they said were similar and had sold recently, they didn't have my house's features and only three bedrooms and no garden. I don't know how they made their comparisons.
Solution; go elsewhere, get another opinion. You guys have just lost business.
He said the market was going to drop because interest rates are going up, but I am certainly not willing to give me house away at that price! Helen at work joked that he wanted it for someone in his family or as an investment property at a cheap price.
Miss R, if you read this, I don't think Norma is in town anymore, I have not seen her around for quite a while. I met her a few times through work when she was a visitor there. There was a young girl who did work experience at the hospital and she was engaged to her uncle I think, maybe that was why she was in town.
Not much else to report, I had a reasonably good day at work today, except we had a staff meeting where I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Oh, yes, I put in an application on behalf of Annie for a book scholarship from my Union and got a voucher today for $50, so that was nice. It will help pay for some of her text books for university. Classes start next week.


miss*R said...

ha! $145,000 - I will buy it! ignore that real estate agent.. there is a website that you can sell it yourself... tells you all about how to do it and costs less that the agents fees..
I will find it for you and let you know.
sometimes, agents value things really low and when they are on the market they snap them up for themselves.. yes, the real estate market is in a slump right now but it won't get worse, it will get better.

I will never forget Norma.. she came up to me and grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes.. and said my name is Norma, what's yours. It shook me to my soul.. I felt like hugging her.
can't have tim tams or chocolate on the cardboard diet! (but I am not doing it anyhow)

Krissie said...

I gave my dh a chiccie heart too and it melted in the heat! glad you had a nice day!

Peter said...

Hi Linda May, first up, do you know of a blogger who minds getting new readers? thats at least a part of the reason we blog.
I know nothing about the housing market in Junee (or about Junee for that matter) but I would be very surprised if the house you described could be bought for that money anywhere, but again I don't know what your options are either, good luck.