Thursday, 7 February 2008

La Nina

Today is my third of 6 days at work, so I'm half way to my next lot of days off.
In the news is Rain , lots of it and more to come.. Caused by La Nina which I am very pleased to welcome. Our area last month has received twice the normal monthly rainfall for January. We are just a few days into Feburary and we are just a few points away from having our average monthly rainfall for the month. I'm loving it. Everything is green and growing madly. I even have a lawn. Normally at this time of year our landscape here is dry and brown and very hot. Feburary is normally our hottest month here. Because of the rain we have been getting lately it is much cooler, the last few days have been in the mid 20's. The weather has been kind to us, even though in other areas of the state there has been too much rain and associated problems with flooding, we have not had that problem here. Yet. Sydney water supplies are above 65%, Brisbane's is picking up too. After so many years of desperate drought, things are looking up. Whoo Hoo!
Canberra... Yes we are going. Pete has got the job and will start training during the first week in March. So we may be moving sometime in March, maybe late in the month ? We don't have the house on the market but I was asked by a girl at work if I was selling it, as her son is looking for somewhere to buy where they can have their horses near by. I should be careful what I say but I don't think he would be a gardener and I would hate to see my yard go to ruin. I know if I sell it that is none of my business, but I am sentimental about it.
The mural was fired on monday this week. It has come out with a lovely toasty brown colour and has no cracks on any of the tiles. Two of the tiles near the top of the tree are a darker brown than I had hoped for, which I wasn't really happy with, but otherwise it is fine. Phew! What a relief! It took me 14 hours to fire because I was being extra careful not to break anything but it is looking good.
Also in the news; The japanese whaling fleet are still in southern waters slaughtering whales. Pics on todays news show them killing minke whales. One of them was a mother and calf less than a year old. Bastards!


Krissie said...

our drought of 50 days broke last night and its been pouring ever since!! Yes saw the whale + calf on the brutal isnt it?

miss*R said...

Linda May, thankyou for visiting my blog and thankyou for the lovely comment..Junee wow! I was in Junee last year for a weekend.. we came down on the bike and stayed in an old guest house near the newsagent.. we may be coming again this year! we have had torrential rain too and haven't had a summer at all. oh well, I see you are moving to Canberra.. so maybe we won't meet in Junee after all .. best of luck with it all and I hope we can stay in touch via blogs :)

miss*R said...

oh by the way - I just posted about the whaling. It is absolutely disgusting. bastard is too good a word for them !!!

Bimbimbie said...

hi Linda - Tawny Frogmouths are full of character aren't they, I just love their markings and haughty look. Snakes yes, if I spot them I'll walk in the opposite direction unless I have my camera and I'll take a photo and then walk away *!*
The rain *!* I think I heard them say we are up to our 40th day of it up here I've lost count but I know things started getting wet before Christmas and I don't care if I am developing web feet and a green sheen to my skin.
I know what you mean about being sentimental with your home and garden - I'm going to have a long check list for the "right" person to buy our place whenever we decide it's time for a change lol
grrr those whalers and their Government and our useless lot! Is sad and agree to disagree the best they can come up with?

miss*R said...

Hi Linda,(re my whale post) I eat meat too(trying to become vegetarian, hard when brought up in a farming district!).. the thing that annoys me is the disgustingly cruel way these animals are hunted down and for what? Most times, the whale meat ends up in a freezer and is never used.. it is just down and out barbaric hunting by a group of over testosteroned short men..

miss*R said...

LindaMay - re the footballers.. yes, i guess they are similar except footballers have thick necks & heads.. plus an ego as big as the Pacific.. they make me sick! gawd, I sound like a bitter old woman (and proud of it!)