Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I got some nice news yesterday. My blogging friend in Queensland, Bimbimbee is sending me one of the little sprites she has made as part of her pay it forwards thingy she takes part in. Thank you Bimbimbee, I will have to think up something nice in return.
We had Beautiful rain again today and last night. I went over to wagga this afternoon and it poured there. I got drenched crossing the road. Beautiful. Everyone else was scurrying for shelter. I wasn't game to run as I reckoned I would fall over on my fat bum in the middle of it. On the way home there was water running in some of the paddocks and dams were overflowing.
While in Wagga I got a lot of my digital photos developed. They cost 45 cents each, totalling $66. An expensive little venture especially as I have not developed any of them for several years and there were over 2ooo of them on the dvd to choose from. The machine only does up to 1000 so I missed getting some of them. The lady at the shop said I would have to put the others on another disc to do them. There have been occasions when some of my photos have been lost forever when the computer has crashed. Getting some of my favourites developed to share might stop me worrying about loosing them so much.
I had to have copies of picture of the potters club floor after the work was done to it, to put in the report to the council who funded the project. Also copies for the hospital to show the progress of the mural we worked on recently.
Pete and I went down the street to the local real estate agent this morning and they will be sending an assessor around tomorrow afternoon to check out our house and tell us what it is worth. A preliminary to moving to Canberra.
Sorry about my post yesterday. I know it was a jumbled mess. I know what I mean even if nobody else does.
Bye Love Linda

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Kat Neely Jones said...

Hi Linda,

I meant to send you some of our excess Oregon rain, but maybe I overdid it, hey? Sorry about that.

Congrats on the move to Canberra and your fella's new job. Hope it all goes smoothly!