Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Just a quick post this morning. I am actually avoiding doing my ironing. I need to iron to go in to Wagga this afternoon . Mike has a wisdom tooth to be removed. Ouchie.
Yesterday C. from the real estate office in Wagga came over to take some pictures of the house to advertise it. Today Pete and I have to go in there to sign some papers to put the house on the market. So it is all beginning to happen. C is the wife of a friend that Pete and his brothers went to school with and her Mum is a ceramic artist whom I got to know through the Potter's club. She was a member herself for a few years. The camera she used had a wide angle lens so it was interesting to see the effects of that. The valuation (approximate selling price) she made of the house was quite a bit better than what the local real estate agent made before her and that we were dissapointed in.
About a month ago I had a Home variety party here at home one night and the goods ordered from that are due back next monday. They sell linen, crockery, decorative things ec for the home.I don't have many party plan parties because I dislike having to ask people to bring me the money when it is due. I weakened for this one . I got 4 lilac coloured towels from having the party for free and some other things at discount prices so I guess if you need new stuff they are good but now I have to chase the people that came, to get their money, which I hate. I haven't had anyone not pay me but I still hate asking. Oh well, I will get some nice towels out of it.
I really should go now and iron myself something to wear to Wagga.
Bye. Love Linda.


Bimbimbie said...

I know what you mean about those party plan gettogethers. I've never hosted one myself but my mum used to do the tupperware years ago and chasing up the money was the downside to friends getting together. Hope the tooth extraction went ok. Now that your moving wheels are set in motion, drink coffee and eat chocolate to de-stress over the coming weeks LOL Smiles *!*

Merle said...

Hi Linda May ~~ I hope the trip to Wagga was OK and the dentist visit not too stressful. None of us like
those visits. Good luck with the sale of your house and the move. I hope it all goes well. Glad you liked the kid's answers ~ they are so funny and say the cutest things.
Take care, Love, Merle.

miss*R said...

I have to laugh at your about me - know - I hate wine buffs.. you know the ones?
good to hear that your house is valued at a better price.... oh and when people mention Tupperware - I run!!