Wednesday, 13 February 2008

An Historic Day

Today our new prime minister said Sorry to Australia's indidgenous people for the wrongs done to them by policies carried out by the past governments of our country. The wrongs done as part of the white australia policy and the stolen generation. I know that this is a forward step. Today I hope will go down in Histories pages. As an Australian I am well aware of the wrongs and pain that has been caused since white people came to this great country and took over. Nobody today would deny that these things happened to them.
I am the product of all that has happened in the past because I had an Aboriginal 3x great grandmother. I don't consider myself aboriginal but I am proud of what tiny amount of her blood I may still carry. A tiny bit because it has been bred out of me for 5 generations, but I think it makes me just that tiny bit more Australian.
Today is a proud day. An emotional day. Bitter sweet day. A day for patriotic Aussies like me.
I don't know if legally the apology today will open up the flood gates to compensation claims from the stolen generation nor where the money will come from. That remains to be seen. It seems to me to spoil the spirit in which the apology was meant if people use it in this manner.
My Mum is driving me mad today. She grew up in a generation where they believed and learnt that aboriginals were bad, politicans are bad too, new australians are bad and if you don't think the way she does then you are bad too. With all the publicity today on the T.V. and radio she is clicking her tongue, shaking her head and making negative derogatory comments to just about everything to do with it. I keep walking out of the room because I know she will never understand and I don't want to argue with her. Ah the joys or reversed parenthood.
Oh well better get off my soap box.
Bye Love Linda.


miss*R said...

I hope that the apology can mend bridges and that we can all find our place in this country. I was born here ... but oh, I don't feel like I belong. I have actually been in contact with a young Aboriginal man who does healings - he has been studying with his grandfather in the NT and now uses his skills to heal.. a gorgeous, gorgeous soul.
It is interesting that you say that you are a product of all that has happened... I wonder if that is why I feel like I do.... do I carry my great grandmothers homesickness for Cornwall ?

oh and when I was in Junee.. I met an Aboriginal woman.. I think her name was Norma.. she came up to me and said hello. :)

Krissie said...

I felt proud of our prime minister this morning and my eyes filled with tears as he spoke. I cannot imagine the hurt of these people and hopefully this will give closure to some and perhaps a day when we can all move forward. I wasnt born here but feel proud to be an australian.I also studied art with a wonderful aboriginal artist - tex scuthorpe for a while he was the most amazing artist ever! I love that art with so many details and history behind each dot and dab of paint.

linda may said...

Miss R,
I went to a workshop a few years ago where the tutor was talking like that. Her family was polish. She termed it as misplaced people. My friend said it descibed her because she was from cool green Tasmania and she was now living in the middle of a drought stricken, hot, dry, barren farm. Even though she had been there for years she wasn't feeling at home there.
But all in all we live in a good country compared to many that we hear of around the world. Our ancestors left where they originated from for a reason. All australians came from some where else at some time.