Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This morning I have been sitting here quietly, cuppa beside me and little fan heater blowing on my back, reading and visiting blogs. There are some really great blogs out there. Making mine look a bit boring, but that's just me.
My blogging friend Merle has given me my first blogging award , I am so chuffed! Now I need to ask my grumpy son how to display it on my page, if he is in a good mood he might oblige. He usually gets annoyed with me for not being able to work things out for my self, then I get upset and all hope of achieving said task flies out the window.
I followed a link on Merle's blog this morning and found a cat lover with a sense of humour in Germany. I miss my Boo kitty so much. I even bought a cuddly furry cushion last week which I sit on the lounge patting. But for some reason the firefox thingy kept wanting to close so I gave up. I will try again another day when I have time to play.
Last Sunday was the open day at Canberra potters society so I went along in the hope of meeting and making new potting contacts. I served soup, wandered around pestering people, glazed a little Raku bowl and had it fired which turned out quite nice. Helped some kids make pots. Had a go on the wheel because I wanted to try what I saw someone else doing that I hadn't seen done before. Picked peoples brains in general as to what other pottery type things there were around here. I am optimistic but time poor. Which brings to mind the idea that you always make time for something if you want it enough. I am hopeless with names but I met some nice people. One name I remember is Jane Crick. I sort of had previous contact with her through emails while in Wagga potter's club as she does workshops. I really liked her and she invited me out to her place at Gundaroo. She has a Tuesday morning weekly get together, I don't know how I can manage that but I would sure like to go.
Yesterday was Michael's birthday. He chose to go out to dinner at an Indian restaurant we had found and enjoyed previously in Dickson. Taj Agra. We were not disappointed. I came home feeling yuck though, because it was so nice I over ate. We had a banquet that had 3 courses. Mum and I shared a bottle of Riesling that was good too but we were unable to finish. Yum! Though as I have experienced previously, wine is not a good idea with hot foods as it encourages you to drink more to dampen the effect of the spices. He He.
Yesterday morning I took Mum for a CT scan at Canberra Hospital. She has had some pain in her back and the Dr has been checking it out. The ultra sound we had a few weeks ago showed something on one of her kidneys, which needed further investigation. Dr said it could be cysts, stones or, worst scenario, a tumor. She, and I too, have been worried and she is very touchy at the moment with me so I have been on tip toes with her. Which means I have to agree with everything she says, no matter how wrong and silly it is, just to keep the peace. Which means I have no personality.
My camera has been out of action, it is fairly new and I am annoyed because to my knowledge nothing untoward has happened to damage it. I will have to find a camera shop somewhere to have it looked at. I can't remember seeing one around though. The manufacturer probably planned that it would die shortly after the guarantee runs out to make us suckers buy a new one. Greedy people. reinforcing our disposable society. Cars, white goods, excess packaging, all making money for them and cluttering up our landfill sites. Whinge whinge!
Our house in Junee is sold and will be gone to a new owner in just a few weeks. She has signed and paid the deposit, we just have to sign papers from our side. There is still stuff in the shed over there that will have to be out shortly. I am still sad and missing the house I loved.
Alright I had better go and do some house work. And I can smell toast.
Bye. Love Linda.


Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ I am so glad you are pleased with the award. If your son doesn't help you, maybe I can try to.
Your blog is not boring Linda, you tell stories so well and they are always interesting, Is the cat lover you found on my blog Gattina? If so she lives in Belguim, not Germany.
Glad you enjoyed the open day at the
Canberra potters. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

Martha said...

Definitely not boring! I love reading your blog and all the history and humor. Prayers for you and your mother.