Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Today it rained. Woo hoo!. I heard on the radio on the way to work this afternoon that there had been 11 millimeters at the airport and there was still more rain falling then. Good stuff.
I wasn't feeling the best today, indigestion that wouldn't go away plus the aches and pains that are always there. I just wanted to go to bed for the afternoon and catch up on some rest. But that didn't happen.
I went shopping this morning, with Mum. She wanted to buy a steam mop and I had to restock on meat. I really find this difficult. I am sure it is much more difficult and tiring to be trying to shuffle around at 1/4 of a mile per hour than it is to walk around at my normal pace. Add to that not being able to walk two steps away without being called back to see some new discovery she has made, which results in her having a good look around at everything she does not want to buy and me missing everything else I might have wanted to look at. Why do I do this to myself? Shopping is her favorite pleasure and how can I take that away from her. She shouldn't have to miss out. She wouldn't understand if I wanted to go by myself, and would get upset with me, so I am trapped. I know there will come a day when she can't go shopping anymore, so for the moment I have to take her and put up with it. Can you remember a cartoon from years ago of a bear who goes crazy and runs around in circles with its tongue flapping out making silly noises. Well that is me.
On the weekend my daughter and her partner Micheal came for the weekend. I got her a dentists appointment for the Saturday afternoon, which resulted in appointments for next fortnight to have fillings done. Anyway last weekend was the Queens birthday long weekend which is when you are allowed to legally let off fire works in this state. So, we did. We started off on the Saturday with a couple of bags in the back yard which upset charlie the cockatiel because one of the crackers flew up under his cage and smoked him out. Another cracker took off and hit the back window with a bit of force, luckily no damage was done. This is a rented house so that was a bit scary as I was worried about another bill we don't need. Another flew up onto the roof. On the Sunday we got some more crackers. The second lot were much more interesting and we let them off out the front of the house where they couldn't cause any trouble. There were some good rockets amongst them. The two Michaels played fire bug setting them off with the rest of us watching from a safe distance. Rufus was locked safely inside the house, but the noisy crackers that were being let off in other places around us didn't seem to bother him too much anyway. I wouldn't buy any of the noisy ones, much to the boys disappointment. I was surprised by the price of the better fire works, judging by the amount that were set off by other people around us, they must have paid hundreds of dollars for them. In N.S.W. fire works have been banned for many years so being able to play with them was a big novelty for all of us. In the news here today there was a bit of talk about people being stupid with them and that maybe fire works will be banned here too. Lots of people have been fined for not obeying the rules etc with them this weekend.
On the Monday I had to drive Annie and Michael back to Wagga (6 hr round trip) so I have not had time to catch up on some rest. Today would have been lovely to sneak back into bed too, because of the rain. Ah well, maybe later in th week.


Martha said...

What would we be without our families? As much as we are confounded and frustrated by them we also love these strange people we are related to - and Thank the Lord they love us too. Enjoyed your fireworks tales too. Glad you escaped any damage or injury. Lovely to look at but oh so dangerous in the wrong hands.

Carol (honeywine) said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for posting on my blog - and welcome to Canberra - I love living here and mostly everything about it. I have been potting for only a couple of years - but I do love it!! When you have time check out the Canberra Potters Society - it is in Dickson and has been around for years. I do lessons there - but they have clay, a nice shop and great exhibitions. They are on the web if you google....