Friday, 20 June 2008

I Promise....

Sunday Scribblings post for this week is "Happy Endings."
Today I took some pictures around my yard with the idea of doing a post about waiting for spring, so I thought I could work the idea into the happy endings prompt.
I don't much like winter, even though I know that the winters in Australia are not as harsh as in other parts of the world they are quite cold enough to make me complain about being cold and having aches and pains which are stirred up by the cold.
I am looking forwards to spring and the new life it brings. It promises to give me snowflakes.

And... I think these could be either Spraxias or Fressias. I'm not sure which.

There will be Italian parsley galore..

And I promise you some spicy Radishes....

And Carrots... Nope hold on!
That's the Radishes again.

We have a hardy salvia that is flowering it's heart out happily because it does not like the warm weather unlike me.

And a pretty native shrub thingy whose name I don't know that is covered in bud and is threatening to burst into flower very soon.

And here is a lovely Daphne in a big pot in glorious full bud waiting for it to warm up to put on its late winter show. Enlarge this one to see the rain drops. They have been a rarity during the long term drought we are suffering.

And freshly popped out into the light is a patch of Daffodil, or maybe they are Jonquils. I didn't plant them, I hope they are Daffodils.

There is the promise of some nice clumps of tiny blue spring stars. I have had to move a lot of the pots around that came with me from my garden in Junee because I have been discovering tiny shoots popping up that I never knew where there.
Spring promises to return in just a few short months as she does each season. Magically, wonderfully. Promising continuation of her new seasons life.

But not yet...It is winter. And it is time to stay inside and enjoy a nice fire to keep me warm.

Though winter does have it's wonders.
These lovely Cyclamen have been flowering in my kitchen window for 5 0r 6 weeks. They are starting to slow down a bit now.

Here is a closer look at the white mini version.

This sweet little potted Hebe has not stopped flowering since late summer.

And this succulent is about to burst into flower. It is a special plant for me as it hasn't flowered like this before. I was given a tiny leaf from a very special lady who was a patient in Junee hospital for many years whom I loved. She is gone now, June Herbert. I used to call her Junee Junie. We used to sing and joke around together until she got too sick and couldn't talk out loud anymore. My memory of her. This plant and Junie must approve of Canberra. It is happy to be here and is thriving in its new spot.
I Promise.. New Beginnings...Happy Endings.......And Spring.....Ta Da!!!!
Bye Love Linda.


Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Great flower photos. I
recently bought a Daphne plant.
Your award looks great and I am plesed that you and Michael worked it
out how to put it on. You are now supposed to pass it on to 5 people and let them know and post those rules. Bit complicated, but it's a
nice award. Take care Linda, You
avagoodweegend also. Love, Merle.

keith hillman said...

Seems strange to read about the onset of winter when we are enjoying our summer! A lovely post.

Not sure how to take the KISS principal comment you left on my blog though!

Granny Smith said...

Your flower pictures are lovely and proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. Although the words you use are a lively accompaniment to them. I especially like the dewy daphne cluster of buds.

Thank you for honoring me with an award. I hope you won't feel hurt if I do not post it and pass it on. I'm just swamped with things I must do right now, and the rules involve some steps that I would have to study how to do, especially links to a posted award.

Thank you very much for it. The link I will happily make is to your blog under "Links to my Chain".

And I hope you get through a not-too-cold winter to a springtime happy ending for you and your flowers. I lived through a winter in Melbourne and know how cold it can get!