Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Some old pictures.

I have not been in here for a while, neglectful blogger that I am. I have been busy else where.
My eldest sister, Thelma, has been for a visit and we have been going through my old photos and taking digital images of them to share with her. As you can see I have posted some old photos today. The first one is of my Mum, Dad, sister Ellen and myself, I am the baby. Thelma gave me this one. It was taken in the park in Junee, which is the town I just moved away from after living there for 18 years, the longest I have lived anywhere in my life. The park is still in the same place but has been modernized considerably since then.You can still recognize the building in the back ground and it is still being used as a garage today, 48 and a half years later.
This is a picture of Pete and I when we were first going out together, I was 18. Look at that hair. Pete's and mine. And, OMG look at those shorts he is wearing. He he.
This is me at about 5 years. I had that pram for years and loved it to bits. It got lost by the furniture removalist when we left Sydney and went to live in Singapore. It could fit a real baby in it, I used to take my cousin Ruth's daughter M'liss, for walks in it when she was a baby. Plus my dolls and the odd cat or two dressed up in clothes as well. M'liss has 2 children of her own now but when I was in my very early teens she was my real live baby doll.
This is my maternal Grandmother. She died when I was very young, about 4 I think. The only memory I have of her is when my cousin Joe, my terrible twin, as we were know as, and whom I later became great mates with, used to practice his judo on me and I hid in her room. She told him she hadn't seen me, then she made me get up in the bed with her and sing to her.She was a music teacher in her early days. She was quite ill when this was taken and died soon after from breast cancer.
Last week when my sister Thelma was here I took her and Mum for a walk in the park and around the lake. I took a picture of this altered sign. I found it highly amusing. Suits my weird sense of humor. He he. The first word was originally Caution, second word construction.
Mum and Thelma playing up with the sculpture lady in the park. I love this photo. Thelma is playing with her leg and Mum is trying to cover up her boobies.
Mum Christmas day.
Me with Santa. Look at those freckles.
Other than that I have been getting a nice bit of extra work this week. Today we cleaned a unit in the city and started on the big clean up that we do in the school holidays at one of the schools we normally clean.Yesterday we cleaned another unit and the day before we did the big clean up of the office we clean before it reopens next week. Tomorrow we clean another school. I am not looking forwards to that one though because I don't like that school and it is much bigger and dirtier that the other two we usually do, but it is good honest money so I wouldn't turn the work down.
Summer has finally hit with a vengeance. It has been pretty hot here the last couple of days but I can't really complain because we have had it pretty good so far this season. It isn't pleasant working in the heat though. I have to make sure we keep the fluids up because they have sure been running out of me.....via my skin. Not nice. Late this afternoon it was very windy here and there was a lot of dust in the air and we had a bit of a rained mud.
Right that is all for tonight. it is 11.35 here at the moment and I have to start work tomorrow morning at 8.30.
Gotta go into that other room next door where I can hear my dearly beloved snoring uproariously and try to get some sleep before then.
love Linda.


Shadow said...

i love the photos and the memories, thanks for posting them! oh yeah, you sure you don't live around the corner from me???? we're hitting what i call the summer doledrums. hot and airless. and every 3rd day or so, the wind starts howling, filling the air with red sand, before a horrific storm with winds that try wrenching trees from the ground, and then... it rains mud.... snap!

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Nice to see your old family photos and read more about your life. Thank you for the many things you send me. Glad you liked the palindromes and John's puppy dogs
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.