Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sunday Scribblings, I believe.

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt is "I Believe"
I believe we all have a voice inside of us that tells us the right thing to do.
We don't always listen to it but if we do, it will guide us towards the right path.
If we are tuned in to it .
I know I have this voice.
I don't know if it comes from god,
a spiritual being,
or guide,
or Walt Disney's Jiminy Cricket,
or the ancestors,
But it is there, I have heard it many times.
I ask it questions and it helps me through.
I believe it is that special something that looks after me.
Maybe a greater being?

I believe in Mother Nature.
I believe in Mother Earth.
And their ability to heal, nurture and create.
Making our beautiful earth.

I believe in Family.
Even when they annoy the shit out of you.
I believe in Love.
I believe in Pete, my partner in life.
I believe in our future together.

I believe that 98% of people are good.
But that you have to let them be good.
That they will treat you as you treat them.
That that 2% who are not good are sometimes the ones with the biggest voices.
Refer back to the first bit for this.
I believe good people make bad choices led by the 2%.

I believe in
I believe I am lucky to be blessed with them.

I believe in education.
Where would we be without it.
I believe it is infinite,
I believe that if I learn for the rest of my life,
There will still be a world full of things that are left to learn.
I believe that I have the choice to choose that which I want to learn.

I believe there are more things unseen
and misunderstood in our world
than what can be explained logically by the sciences.

But most of all I believe in,
the beauty of the earth and its inhabitants.
her flora and fauna,
and the intricate connections that balance her,
that if we cause an imbalance we will definitely pay the price.

Love Linda.


Martha said...

Wow. I believe you have a way with words and expressing things well. Good post.

anthonynorth said...

I believe I can't think of a single thing there I could disagree with.

Shadow said...

this is beautiful. absolutely beautiful!

glowby said...

Oh yes! Jiminy Cricket! I'd almost forgotten about that sage shoulder-riding advisor. The best bug-in-the-ear ever.

gautami tripathy said...

Good things to believe in, I think.

Granny Smith said...

You have enunciated my religion. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.

Alison May said...

Oh Linda I do hope its Jiminy Cricket... I so want to believe in him... How clever you are with words.x

BJ Roan said...

I agree with your beliefs, especially about family. That one I can relate to!

Devil Mood said...

Aren't we lucky that we believe in so many things? :)

Marguerite said...

Enjoyed your post. So much truth in what you say, and you have expressed it so well.
Thanks for your visit to my site. I'm new to blogging and truly appreciate your comments.

floreta said...

i love this! and i believe everything you've written. i believe we ALL have the answers inside us, if we are willingly to listen.

present said...

Yes! Trusting that inner voice, believing in the goodness of others, believing that there must be something greater than ourselves,and the power of love and family. Yes, truth in this poem.

John Tran said...

"I believe in Family.
Even when they annoy the shit out of you."

Wow, I can so relate to this!

I love your 98/2 rule... very optimistic, but that is exactly what we need more of.

Winterwood said...

wow wow wow never a truer word was spoken or written - I too resonante with the family bit! lol!!! but what would we do without them?

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Here via Sun. Scribs-
TERRIFIC post! Very well-written and one I concur with.

Doe said...

i love this!! positive and true
and i can't but nod and agree


The Vintage Kitten said...

Fabulous post!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Nice beliefs, I think you covered all the bases there!

I think your cat just blinked at me!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

These are wonderful beliefs! And they are so poetically stated!

Tumblewords: said...

Great job! There is so much to believe in...

jadey said...

I believe that you did a wonderful job on this post and that you are a postive thinker with a lot of great things to believe in.

CathM said...

Some lovely thoughts – nuggets of wisdom. Lots to meditate on, and contemplate. Thanks for sharing!

miss*R said...

hey Linda, I am off on a two week trip to Victoria.. may just see me as I ride past tomorrow on our way to Cooma. Have a wonderful 2009 and will catch up when I get home xo

Noelle said...

Simply put, I believe!