Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas.

It is Christmas Eve here tonight. I just wanted to share a bit about my Christmas.
My three kids are here together with my Hubby Pete, my Mum and I. It is quite cool here today considering it is Christmas in the antipodes, not cold through as it is for Christmas in other parts of the world. I think it was in the mid twenties today but that is cooler than expected. It is cloudy and we have had some nice rain over the last few days. God knows, nobody in Australia would curse a rainy day after the drought we have had for the last seven or eight years. So I am not complaining. I love it, the more rain the better. The cloud is meant to clear today but is still hanging around keeping things cool.
Anyway the first picture is one I took today to show off and brag about one of the best benefits of having Christmas in summer. Wonderful, wonderful summer fruits and berries. The platter is made up of some of the best, strawberries, blueberries, lychees, nectarines, cherries, and one big fat juicy mango.
This is another one of my day lillies. If you can get a closer look by enlarging this you can see the tiny ants working away inside it pinching its sweet nectar.
Same flower, further back.
These are some of the sentimental bits and pieces I have kept and put out on display on my Christmas tree each year. The little knitted Christmas stocking is one I got from a school fete many years ago. An old lady had made it and was selling them. I have 3 of them, one for each of my kids and each year I put lollies in them. They have chocolate balls in them this year but they are just the right size to hold a packet of life savers which is what I usually have in them.
When my daughter was in about yr 5 in primary school she used to go to an embroidery class on the weekends and she made this there.
This is a star that my eldest son made in primary school. He is now 26 yrs old.
I think Annie made this little peg reindeer in preschool. She is now 20.
The boys made these fabric covered balls when they were in scouts many years ago.
I cant remember which of the kids made this star but I have had it for a long long time. it is a bit scruffy but is still holding together.
And....Here is the tree, all ready to go. My daughter she does each year... is trying to talk me into letting her open a present. She knows I will always give in, as I do each year. But it is a fun little game we play anyway.
I better go and play the game. :)
Merry Christmas.
Good night.
Love Linda.


miss*R said...

oh there is nothing more perfect than those hand made decorations - I have a collection too.. all made by my children when they were little... and we are so blessed to be able to enjoy this delicious fruit... it is a sign of christmas for me when I smell the nectarines and peaches... lovely!
have a wonderful day tomorrow... I am off to bed too...

Martha said...

Wonderful ornaments. I can be impressed by professional looking trees but the hand-made trees are much more interesting. My neice told me this year that the gifts she remembers from year to year are not the purchased ones, but the hand-made ones. Me, too. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Shadow said...

your plate of fruit looks scrumptious!!!! dear linda, have a merry christmas too!

Sorrow said...

A most blessed holiday to you Linda May!

miss*R said...

Linda May.. thanks for the comment re Boxing day... ooh this friend of my mothers is such an awful person.. so arrogant and yes, he leers at me and the other girls.. he is 80 for god's sake.. needs to get over it. I would slap him if he laid a hand on me.. he makes me puke. but at least I can laugh at it all.. years ago, I wouldn't have.. now, i laugh, hysterically of course ;)

Winterwood said...

Merry christmas to you Linda - this is my first day back reading blogs. I love that fruit and those colours really do look summery/chrismtassy in their unique aussie way!! only we can do that here!!

love the ornaments too! will be back to read more v soon!

Marguerite said...

This comment is a little late, but I'm a little behind on my reading. The fruit looks to delicious and I love the flowers. It's winter here, but I have a small "garden" on my windowsill at work--helps to brighten the day. I especially enjoyed the handmade ornaments. We have one of the reindeer that daughter and I made years ago. Have a happy new year!

Doe said...

hope you had a nice one!!

funny how the lychees and the whole fruitbowl's got very christmasy colours yet is healthier and more refreshing compared to all the fatty sugary mince pies we have at x-mas

happy hols ;)