Sunday, 14 December 2008

I have not put photos up on my blog for a while so today I thought I would share what was goin on around my back yard yesterday.
The above picture is of a little potato plant that has self seeded itself in the vege garden.
This is a Flanders poppy. The plant is a bit small and straggly as far as Flanders poppies go and a few weeks late to flower for Remembrance day, but it flowering happily now and I wll leave its seed to drop and hopefully pop up again next season.
Flanders poppy again.
This is a close up, detail picture of this weird looking succulent thingy I have had in a pot for years. I like it though and it is weirdly sculptural when it flowers so well, like it is now.
A further back pic of the succulent above. I made this pot too.
A lovely dark red day lily.I think this could be the last flower for the season on this plant but I have some others that have not flowered yet so there are more to come.
And Dianthus. These little guys are just about finished flowering now but they have been good this year, especially the double ones.
The carrots are doing o.k.
There are some big Grosse Lissie tomatoes that are half grown and will be ready in a few more weeks.
And some little tommy toes that are very prolific and grow like mad at this time of the year.
The snow peas are just about finished now. We have had quite a few feeds off them though.I love these cooked in the fry pan with a little big of oil, just enough to grease the pan, then a tablespoon of water and put the lid on to steam for a minute or two then put in a nice blob of oyster sauce to coat them and serve.They should have just lost their crunch but not have gone soft.
The silver beet. Something is eating it before we get to eat it, but it hanging in there and will probably come good a bit later.
This is the coriander in flower. It always goes to seed when the weather warms up and now I am waiting for the seed to dry out a bit more before harvesting it to crush to use in cooking and it keeps for ages.. But I love it fresh best. It is great just with bread and butter and mayonnaise on a herb sandwich, or as it is in a salad or stir fry.A must have plant in the garden.
There is also some rocket, and some strawberries and spring onions which are ready to use right now and corn and beans planted. I also had cucumbers and squash and jap pumpkins planted but they did not survive, the cucurbit family does not like me for some reason. Then there is mint, oregano and chives, parsley, thyme, bay and rosemary. Essentials. Funny, when I lived in Junee I had a patch of thyme and every time the chooks escaped they would bolt straight for it and rip it to pieces. They loved it for some reason and I couldn't keep it in the garden for them.

My friend in blogland but not too far away from me "Merle" has gifted me with an award. Thank You Merle. It is on my side bar now after some help from my son Michael.
The Rules
1. Put up the award and link to the person who gave it to you.
Merle is on my sidebar. Her blog is called Merle's Third Time Lucky and is full of great jokes and stories as well as a bit about what she is up to as well.
2.Tag 5 other bloggers to pass on the award to.
3. Link to them.
4.Tell them.
Right I tag;
Anthony North, who is a clever blogger, writing from the U.K. and I look forwards to what he has written each week on Sunday Scribblings.I don't know how to put on a link but you can find him via Sunday Scribbling which is on my side bar.
Annie at her blog in Queensland, she blogs as Bimbimbee and you can find her on my side bar as well. A very creative and clever lady.
Shadow in Africa, also on my sidebar who has a beautiful mind.
Martha my blogging sister and crazy about her pets, like me, in West Virginia, you can also find her blog via my side bar.
Sorrow a fellow potter who lives in USA and guess what, as I still can not put links on here she can be found on my side bar as well.
I liked the idea of being a superior scribbler, I don't know if I am or not but Thanks Merlie girl for including me.

Yesterday when I took my son Christmas shopping in the city we went into a music shop where I found a DVD and I couldn't leave without it. I know... I know ...Christmas shopping is meant to be for other people but I got myself a present too.It was called "Barnes Hits".
I have spent most of this morning watching it and lovin' it. It is packed full of great stuff. And OH! what a voice! This guy is an absolute Aussie legend. The DVD starts with some of his music from the early 80's and continues on to the early 2000's. Love it, love it.
It includes some clips off his Soul Deeper album which is one of my very favourites. I love to have it on in the car when I am driving and after listening to it over and over again I never get sick of it. On the DVD you see Jimmy go from a very sexy young rocker to a mature man but still with that fantastic gutsy voice that never seems to loose its quality as he ages as you see some singers voices do. Also in the DVD there are duets of him singing with John Farnham, Michael Hutchence, Diesel, his brother in law, Tina Turner and the Badloves. I saw him recently with his daughter Mahalia, singing on a T.V.special, she too has that great gutsy voice. On this DVD there are some pictures of him with his children when they were little. He has another son in the music industry "David Campbell" who is very talented and obviously has a great portion of his father's genes. He is not such a rocker but is very well known here in Australia as a stage actor/singer. I saw them sing once together too and David can certainly hold his own up against his father's great voice. His brother "Swanee", and I have heard, his father, were musicians too.
If you want to see Jimmy Barnes in action, look him up, I know there are some clips of him on Utube. I found one of my favourite Aussie rock classics there a awhile ago called "Flame Trees" which shows him when he was very young and cute.
On another note... excuse the Pun....I like them...
I had all my hair cut off on Friday. I usually do it at the beginning of summer as my hair is very heavy and think when it gets a bit fuller and therefore hot for summer. Mum has been after me to book in and get something done to my hair for Christmas so tomorrow, Monday I have an appointment to get my hair coloured and have foils put in it. I am not sure which colours yet, I will wait for the advice from the hairdresser. I am getting adventurous in my old age as before now I have never been game to get a permanent colour put in my hair, bu..... this time I am doing it.So for summer I am re inventing myself, well not really just my hair style, but that is adventurous for me.


Shadow said...

don't say oops. thank you very much, i feel honoured!

anthonynorth said...

Thank you so much for the award. It is much appreciated. I'll add it to my Monday post.

Winterwood said...

stunning red of that popy - one of my favourite flowers..used to love walking thru fields of them in the UK.

paisley said...

your flowers are beautiful... they pale only in comparison to your gift giving spirit

latree said...

I like the pictures!

by the way, that verification word 'fulan' means something in Indonesia, which is 'anonymous'

so I guess it is just all right, no need to worry :)

inlandempiregirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a breath of summer I found here. Just looking at your photos made me long for summer. You day lily picture is superb!

Bimbimbie said...

Thanks for thinking of me Linda ... and Flame Tree is a favourite of mine too*!*

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

lovely gardens you have!
(I popped in from Sun. Scribblings)

*~sis~* said...

your garden is lovely, dianthus are my favourites!
enjoy your new hair :)

Marguerite said...

Lovely pictures. They give me a bad case of spring fever. It is cold here--car doors frozen shut, etc. Brrrr...

Hope you stop by. Click here to visit my blog.