Monday, 1 December 2008

Today is Monday. I am over the weekend and went back to work again this afternoon.
I took Mum to the hospital this morning to have a CT scan done on her adrenal gland. It is larger than it should be and the Dr wanted to measure it and compare the scan to one she had taken about 5 months ago.
We had to be there for the test at 8.00 so allowing an hour and a half for her to get ready, (yes she does need that long) and a 20 minute drive, we needed to get up at 6.00. That is pretty early for us. By the time it came to 2.00, which is when I leave here to start work, all I wanted to do was go to bed for a granny nap. But, I got my work done and am home again.
On Sunday the Tuggeranong community festival was on so I took Mum to have a look at it. There wasn't a real lot to interest me there in the afternoon so we just had a wander about. Rufus went with us to the park to have a look at the festival too and he was most excited to see other doggies and smell the food vans there. Plus the scraps that people had thrown on the ground, I had to take things out of his mouth several times before he ate them. You never can be sure what he might have picked up. Anyway, food and other doggies sent him into an excitement overload and he had a ball checking everything out. Mum hasn't been too well so we didn't walk very far.
In the evening at the festival there was a freebie concert on so when Pete got home from work we went back in there to see that. The headline act was Joe Camelleri, from the Black Sorrows. His earlier band was known as Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons.They have been around the Aussie music scene since the early 1970's that I know of, and allowing for different line ups have never been out of work. They have been one of my favourite old Aussie rock bands for a long time. Joe is very clever and plays a variety of instruments. Last night he sung as well as played the Sax, harmonica and guitar , a good entertainer. He has a great version of the old "Brown Eyed Girl" song which was one of the ones they played last night. Some of the other songs they had that were hits here are "Harley and Rose", "Hit and Run", oh there were heaps of them. Anyway he has not lost anything musically as he has aged and they still put on a great show. I had some of their music long ago on cassette, but as I don't have a cassette player any more, today I bought a best of type C.D. of theirs to listen to in the car. I saw them live once before at the Tumbafest weekend in Tumbarumba.
What was really nice last night at the festival though, was watching the crowd and the kids playing. The parents there were spending quality time with their kids.They had a nice fireworks show on after the concert on the edge of the lake.
There was one family that decided the one and only place that they should stand to watch the show was directly in front of us.There was lots of space all around but they propped themselves right there. That is so annoying! I sat there for a while and coughed a few times but they were oblivious so I took my chair and plonked it right back down beside where they stood and made a point of almost putting it on the woman's foot. I think they got the message, but with people like that you never know. I am getting rude in my old age and becoming a cranky old woman.
I got a few more Chrissie presents this morning after Mum and I left the hospital. I also bought a pair of 3/4 length pants for myself and a small bottle of perfumed oil which I have now decided I am not keen on so I have to find it another home. It is funny how you can try a perfume in the shop but when you get it home you don't like it anymore. Ah well.
I might have some extra work on Thursday cleaning a house renovation. I will look forward to that and the bit of extra money it will give me for Christmas.
The weather has been mild over the last few days, cool enough at times to wear a light jacket. Tomorrow they have predicted a temperature of 24 C. Mum has an appointment at the podiatrist in the morning so I will have another full day.
It must be time for bed. Good night.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

if have that same magnet... for tall people, standing in front of me, or sitting in front of me at the movies, SO annoying... lots of get well wishes to your mom!!!!

Devil Mood said...

Oh my, I'm so ridiculous. I thought I was reading your SS post and I carried on.
It sounds like you had a good time and I love Brown Eyed Girl. I also heard that live this summer.

Sorrow said...

been a bit busy myself..
but sounds like you have had a good couple of days, busy , but with the stuff that makes life a bit more interesting!

Merle said...

G'Day Dear Linda ~~ I do hope your Mum is OK and nothing too serious is wrong. I like Joe Camelleri and my
favourite is "Harley and Rose."
You sure seem to work hard with the various jobs you have. I am very happy with my table and chairs in the gazebo. You are right, all that supervising makes one very tired.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

miss*R said...

I love Joe Camilleri! whatever name he is taking at the time.. :)

hope all is well in your world Linda, I am back blogging and slowly catching up xo