Monday, 8 June 2009

Sunday Scribblings, Soul Mates.

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Soul Mates".
I had a read through what everyone else has said so far. I don't like the term Soul mates. It seems to me an excuse to try to romantically hook up with someone and then when you lose them be able to say well they weren't my soul mate after all.
But... If there is such a thing is a soul mate?
That certain someone you feel a special link with and feel that you knew from a different life on earth. Someone who share the same likes, dislikes, dreams with? I have met this person several times, a different one each time, of either gender. Meshed with them on different levels, socially, mentally, emotionally or sexually.
Someone you met and might never mesh with this time around, or an attraction, right or wrong, that may or may not come to fruition. Or maybe someone you shared a bed with for a little while.
I can not remember the term used when I was young, it is a newer term.
In my life over the last 3 months or so, I have had experience in having my ideals and beliefs turned upside down and had the shit shaken out of them. It has zapped my confidence in my partner and my self and what we had for the last 32 years together. Just when I think I am on top of it all, some idea comes into my head to remind me where I am, and question myself and my partner whom I still am in love with, but don't know the truth of at times. I have learnt that what I thought I had, might not be what I thought I had, but both of us are trying to fix it and move on to another level of our relationship. It is working, slowly, but what happened will always be there.... in my mind anyway. When we are together we are great but when he is away from me I doubt and question. Soul mates? Nah!
I prefer the term life partner.


During the week I worked, of course, to get my pocket money.
Monday, today is a public holiday and therefore provided a nice long weekend in which my hubby Pete, was able to participate because his work roster was friendly to it for a change.
On Saturday we did our homework, as requested by the counselor we saw together. Our home work requires us to go on a date together, as if we were still dating and find something alternate weeks that we think the other might enjoy to do. We look in the "What's on " section of the local paper to find something. This week was Pete's turn to take me somewhere and there was an exhibition I liked the sound of at the Bungendore wood gallery. It was called Mingei. It is a Japanese term that means the arts of the people. The idea being (From the brochure) "a common beauty and function in everyday utilitarian objects whose forms were arrived at intuitively, over time, not pre- contrived, but bound in them the makers' mastery of technique through repetition." Three artists exhibited together. There was a japanese man, Masayuki Ogura who exhibited his beautiful use of wood in Japanese lacquer ware. He is from a family of 5 generations of practicing artisans. Oh wow. His work was.... just so!
There was also a lady who was doing Japanese traditional indigo dyeing, her work was beautiful too but not that appealing to me.
Then...the reason I wanted to see the exhibition... Peter Rushforth. I actually had intention of buying one of his pots just because he is so special in the pottery world, but they were way, way beyond my price range. Real collectors items. The smallest one I saw there was a bowl about 6 inches across and it had a price tag of $460, but most of the work was already sold anyway.
Peter is touted to be the father of Australian pottery. He is 90 years old this year and is still working in his chosen craft. He is a wood firer in the Japanese tradition, a great great man. His pots are just Mmm.....Mmm. He uses Jun, Ash, Tenmoku and Limestone glazes. Like I said Mmmm.... Mmmm. He lives in the blue mountains west of Sydney and in the bush, lucky bugger. I met him once at Gulgong when I went there years ago. He is such a gentle, humble, gracious, man. Gulgong is a pottery happening where potters invade a small town and spend a week doing lectures, lessons, exhibitions, happenings etc, held every 4 years. Years ago there was a movement trying to get Peter Rushforth declared "An Australian National Treasure". I was talking to a lady on Saturday that said they are still working on it and it may soon come together. He deserves it. Now just let me stop sprouting on about him and get on with it. He he.
We also went for a drive across to Goulburn, not far from Canberra. My hubby was born there and we had a look around and a trip up to the war memorial on the hill over looking the town. I do have pics but as things have changed on the puter lately I don't know how to do stuff anymore so...later. We have a separate thingy for storing my pictures on and a new printer/fax/scanner that I can't work. He he. Yeah later. When my grumpy son will permit me some of his scant time to help.

That is all, bye for now.
Love Linda.


Whitesnake said...

does it really have ta involve love, or a partnership.....different views are always welcome, yours was well done....

Winterwood said...

Linda I tend to agree with you about the soul mates thing... not a term I like particularly either...and I think your life partner is better and I think just partner is good too... or husband to narrow it down. Yes, the terms get very confused when something happens as youve found in your life, upside down is a goo dway of putting it.

How about some pottery photos??

good post there.

anthonynorth said...

Life partner is so often the right term. It's practically impossible to have a partner who shares all your interests and thoughts. That's a mirror image.

Shadow said...

i think soul mate is a romantisied, over-simplified concept. real love comes when 2 people can agree to disagree and still have the hots for one another...

Nana said...

I don't know, hun. I still believe in soul matessss!

Sorrow said...

Soul mate?
makes me think I am not complete with out some one..and bugger it, i am just fine with out a partner, thank you very much.
But I am with you, I have a great many "soul friends" with whom I connect to . and they are all manner of race color and creed.
date sounds fun and i am off to check out this national treasure!

Bimbimbie said...

It's all a matter of connectedness I'm thinking. Varying amounts for different relationships. But I still like hearing such terms as, best friend, and other half for couples*!*

spottedwolf said...

Hi Lin....
Firstly....welcome to my thoughts and experiences. I saw your comment and 'trailed' you here.

Second....there are many points you bring up that I have studied both externally (other's relationships) and internally (my own as well as the relationship with my main mother). Soul-mate was a word which came into my life when I was about 15..but its meaning changed in many ways over time. I am with a woman who I searched for..among the others...for many years. It was, how shall I say, both 'magic' and surprise when I found her. I do not take relationships lightly and I do not think any of us have a personal saviour , in the form of a partner, child, parent, or god trying to find us while we search for them. "Love" is a philosophical ideal taught to us in varying forms and intensities by words and example as children. It can be considerably deluding to be certain, especially as it is filled with so much transient imageery and highly popularized. I think real 'love' comes from an innate human need to experience communion with others of our species and as such can, and does in fact, lead some of us to a far greater understanding of our self through a repetitive study of our desire/need issue as we change through life. All this really takes is a willingness to explore our personal system of value and it is this statement which creates a way to understand endings and beginnings in relationships.

When you like, return to my site and go back through earlier posts for more to read....ask questions....and I will try to share what my life has given me.

Dennis aka Spottedwolf

Bimbimbie said...

Owllo Linda ;) That narrator's voice is lovely and deep, he's Welsh*!*

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

(nice to hear fom you! That paticular vase was thrown by me and decorated as you may have understood by Ben, and is probably not fixable...but yes, inspired pieces from antiquity)

Annie said...

Hi Linda,
Just got up. Aach, it's too early. Just found your lovely comment. With you all the way on like-mindedness. A mesh with a few extra large holes makes things interesting. I'm heading to Starbucks and will be printing this out to take with me and read. I'll be back, this time with pertinent comment. By the way - you don't need to post this comment. My email is We can take off topics comments there if you like.

All my best,

Annie said...

OK. I'm back. I am very much with you on the soulmate - Nah! - front. You inspired me to add my own sunday scribble on this topic too. Thanks.

I liked the second part as you explored your day. Your counselor is spot on in showing you the importance of reconnecting with why you came together in the first place. Happy dating.


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