Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Toys"

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jackie. I belong with Linda. I live where ever she lives and have been with her since she was just nine years old. I was made by her grandmother. Well, not really her grandmother by blood, more her grandmother by marriage to her maternal grandfather Joe Trennery, my maker's name was Gran though. She made my brothers and sisters too. One for each of Joe's grand children that year for Christmas. I don't know if any of my brothers and sisters are left. But, I am still here. My original clothes are long gone. I wore a pair of red velvet trousers and a pink paisley shirt when I was new. My buttons have all gone and been replaced with odd ones. That red velvet one you can see on my hat is one from Linda's old red dressing gown, almost matches.. My pink nose used to be red velvet too, long ago.
Linda used to love to cook with Gran when she was a little girl and Gran taught her how to make those little cakes with the bright pink icing that Gran used to make for the grandchildren. Linda still uses Gran's date cake recipe.
Linda gave me a new dress, even though it was second hand and is quite old now too. You see it belonged to her daughter Anne-Marie, she is 20 years old now. So it has special sentimental value for both of us. Linda's eldest sister, Thelma, bought it for her and Annie wore it home from the hospital when she was born. It has matching pink pants, but you can't see those. I am a lady you know! But.... I do need a safety pin to hold them up nowdays. He he.
I have been with Linda for 40 years now. I reckon not many clowns would have had that privileged to brag about. I sit above her bed and watch over her at night. Well sometimes I slump down a bit, but you know....I am getting old. There was a time though that I was left in the dark box in the corner of the bedroom for years. I might not have survived this long otherwise I suspect. I have a few stitches here and there to prove it, but I am a survivor. Yes I am! When all the other toys were broken or stolen or lost or passed on, I survived. I am back in my rightful place of privilege above where my Lindy sleeps. There were even times when I soaked up her tears and held her. Such a privilege for a long term friend. I cuddled her cat. I was dragged around by her babies and used as a pillow. I moved house with her.
Yes definitely a privileged life I have led. Yes.

That is my story for the Toy prompt this week for Sunday Scribblings.
I wonder if any of Jackie's brothers and sisters did survive as long as she has.
I have boxes of my children's toys in the garage that I can not bear to dispose of. Even though they have no interest in them now ......maybe one day?
This morning I was pampered. And it was bloody lovely. My son got me a gift voucher at a day spa in the city for Mother's day. I was a bit slow to act on it but this morning I did.
So at 10.00 I rocked up there and got exfoliated, massaged and had a beautiful spa. The massage and spa were just heaven. Well... the whole thing was. I lay back and loved it. The spa was filled with milky bath stuff and essential oils, surrounded by rose petals and I lay back and enjoyed a pot of Japanese tea and chocolate hearts while I bubbled and soaked. The noise of the bubbles drowned out the relaxing music and I didn't get to listen to that until the spa stopped so I lay there a little bit longer just to enjoy that. Beautiful, just beautiful. I have not had the pleasure of doing anything like that before, but I can heartily recommend it. So lovely and girlie.
Thank You Michael! My Mickle pickle.


anthonynorth said...

A clever idea using the toy. Well done.

Nana said...

HEYY!!! lol, cute toy story;-) I've been telling myself I need to get my butt to the spa. As soon as I get my finances in check, I'll go. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Sorrow said...

That is a real treasure. Now imagine if she really could talk..?
what wonderful things she could remind you of.. the days and the dramas, al the best memories long since forgotten.

spottedwolf said...

my 1st wife took my teddy that I'd had since I was 5-6 and wouldn't give it back......I will never forgive her.

spottedwolf said...

Oh and Szuanne asked why you were "slappin' me in th' head" so I showed her the we're all laughing..

Bimbimbie said...

Smiles, I think you owe Jackie a new pair of knickers considering all her years of watching over you;)

... loved the Currawong tale you left me too*!*

Dee Martin said...

I love the stories about beloved childhood toys - this is so sweet. Had to google currawong :)

Old Grizz said...

Great approach. Nice story coming from the mouth of a favored toy.
Glad you got the day at the spa.
Thanks for your e mail. I was just off my oats for a few days. I think the site problem has something to do with TAT. I notice that when I click on you or Amias I always get the TAT Entry.. Do you know what is happening there? I don't.
P.S. - If Jackie could really talk you may have to tape her mouth shut. Being in your bedroom
all these years.........