Friday, 3 July 2009

Just thought I would come in here and tell about something that is bothering me at the moment. Last Wednesday night I was harassed by a couple of teenagers at one of the schools where I clean. I was cleaning the loos at the back of one of the schools and I heard someone yelling out and when I turned around 2 boys probably about 14 years old, I couldn't see real well as it was getting dark, were hiding behind a wall and jumping out yelling out things to me. I tried to ignore them but when I turned around to look again they were mooning me and saying foul things. I finished what I was doing and thought I should go inside the building and lock the other door as they might be trying to create a diversion for someone else who was up to no good. When I went inside one of them ran up to the back door and threw a cracker inside the door. It filled the room up with smoke and burned a mark into the new vinyl floor that had just been laid and burned the carpet. Then I got mad. I went over, wrung out the mop I had been using and chased them with it, yelling out at them etc and told them if they came back I would call the police. I was so angry and lost it a bit. Then I wrote a report in the communication book and went to the next job where I reported it to the school principle. My son, Michael, who I work with, was in a different part of the school and didn't know anything had been going on. They also removed all the grills from the drains around the school, hoping people could fall down them in the dark I guess.
Anyway, last night I was harassed again at the other school, which is part of the same campus just a few blocks away. This time it was by a couple of boys in a white Ute who were yelling things at me and drove past three times yelling out. I couldn't really hear what they were saying, just the tone was nasty. I thought oh well, bloody idiots and went inside. When I was finished they were parked out the front of the school and when they saw me they started to get out of the car but my son came into view and they jumped back in the car and drove away. I was a bit spooked and told the deputy principle when I saw him today about it. He said he was going to the police station on his way home to tell them about it.
He told me that the school had had a break in last Sunday night but one of the teachers was on site and caught 2 boys in the act.They had got in through the roof into the canteen and were back outside the building when Ben (the teacher) saw them and questioned them. They said they were ex students.
It got me thinking that the two incidents were related and probably done by the same group of kids who were sharing info and telling each other about the silly old duck that they thought was working as a cleaner by herself at night, and that it was fun to tease her. Maybe the next step would be a bashing. I am not normally a chicken and not scared to work at night at my job but now I am thinking.....hmmm. Do I look like a victim for idiots like that and an easy target for some little crim in training's warped sense of humor. The town is just over the border in N.S.W and is known for being a bit rough, or more correctly as having some rough people living there.
I don't want to be looking over my shoulder all the time and listening to every noise while doing my work at night and becoming paranoid about it.


Old Grizz said...

Wow Linda. scary experience. Nice write up. Good thing your son was there. Be careful.

Retromus-ik said...

that's pretty insane! I think I would switch shifts though, it's better to be prudent. Teenage boys in packs are something else; they feed off of eachother's oftentimes not too smart ideas. Be careful!
On another note, thanks for stopping by my blog;)

Nana said...

I'm sorry to hear you can't fel safe at work, those boys are such idiots, I feel lie slapping the ish out of them. You should get a tazer or something of the sorts, I agree with Retro, boys in packs can be very dangerous. Especially, the boys in the car looked persistent to keep coming back, maybe they wanted to rape you (not wanting to scare you further more, but it's a possibility) and who removes drains so someone can fall in? That's the work of a very sick person. I hope everything gets sorted out, until then a Tazer and maze are a girl's best friend!

Dee Martin said...

this made me nervous. It's a shame when a person can't make a decent living because some people need to beat their kids (not in the abusive way - just in the parents should discipline their kids way)
Stay safe and keep close enough to your son that you can call out to each other.

Bimbimbie said...

Blimey Linda, take care is it possible for you and your son to work in the area at the same time until they get fed up of hanging around the school grounds, which I hope is very soon*!*