Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wotcha Doin'? Joe and Janis.

Good morning all. It is Tuesday morning and I just had a slice of yummy brioche toasted with honey on it for my breakfast and am not half way through my first cup of tea for the day.
Blogging gets you in doesn't it? This post is a sort of dear diary.
On Sunday night Pete and I went to the pictures to see the Woodstock movie. It is the 30th anniversary of the event, and I had heard on the radio that there was a screening in the city. It was more documentary style than movie but we enjoyed the music anyway.
"Oh Janis! Didn't the world lose something special when it lost you."
I always loved her voice. In the movie she sang 2 songs and she felt each and every note that she sang, or screamed, as would be some peoples interpretation of her. When I was in my early teens I listened to her records over and over again, tried to sing along, poorly, but I loved them. If my elder sister was out somewhere I would sneak into her room and play her records. She knew, I don't remember her minding about it, as long as I didn't scratch them. They were treated with reverence, which is more than how she treated her things.
Also in the movie was a very young Joe Cocker, I never remembered him looking like that. He still had all the same funny body movements that he has now, probably a bit more pronounced then than now. I love gravelly voices. Last week I bought a" best of" DVD of his to watch when there was rubbish on T.V. I intend to get a collection together, so far I have just 2 music DVDs in the collection. I can draw parallels between he and Janis's style and life, but Janis did not survive her rock and roll life style. Joe barely did, with scars. I wonder where Jimmy and Janis would be now if they were still here and what they would be doing. Still singing and making music for us oldies who remember when we were young. I wonder?
I got a phone call this morning from a lady whose house I am going to clean. I thought that she must have forgotten about it because I has been a few weeks since I first spoke to her. Anyway I start tomorrow morning. Her home is really nice, I will be scared of breaking one of her treasures, so I will have to be careful and not clumsy. When I went there I couldn't see that she was the type of person that would ever be untidy or get dirty, so it should be good in that dept.
Last Thursday I went over to Watson to the potter's society and took my few pots I had made to be fired. Thursday is one of the drop in mornings they have during the week and I will be able to fit that into my work schedule so I am going back this week to join in. Three of the ladies I met before at the course I did were there, so I do know someone who is going, sort of. Bonus. The lack of participation in my craft will, or has, already led me to a loss of skills and memory of its processes and I have been potting too long to want to lose them. So I have to step up to the plate and do something about it. I have to get over not having my own kilns and studio/ shed, and learn to adjust my potting to what I have now. It will also be good for social and mental reasons.
Coming up also...maybe... is the new jail's pottery lessons. I don't know when it will come up but I may have a foot in the door as a teacher. I am a bit nervous about it because I don't know how I will handle those sort of people...but... I sure want to try if I get the chance. I have done some pottery teaching in the past and know I do alright at that but.... I am also nervous about burning my bridges with the job I am doing now if the jail one might not work out. I don't want to finish up because I quite like it most of the time and our boss is nice and treats us well.
Hey! something else that happened on Sunday that was pretty funny was...My son David came for a visit on the weekend and bought his dog Ruby with him. Ruby is a young staffordshire terrier and very strong. I took her for a walk around Fadden Pines on Sunday morning and she wasn't too badly behaved apart from trying to pull my arm out of the socket which I reckon she would be quite capable of doing. She came back when she was called and I had let her go for a run etc. Well, she wasn't too badly behaved until she saw another dog. I got her back on the lead before she saw it. When we got level on the pathway with the other dog she became more and more excited and mananged to ankle tap me in her efforts and tripped me over. I fell, flat on my face, at the feet of the other dogs owner and she pulled me along the ground towards it for about a foot and a half. Bloody hell, I am no light weight and she dragged me along. I am pleased to say that she did not get the other dog or the situation might not have been so funny. I had her lead wound firmly around my wrist, thank goodness. I reckon it would have got an award on funniest home video though. I wonder what the man with the other dog thought when I fell splayed at his feet. He apologised about his dog being so naughty, as did I of Ruby's performance. I had a slight graze on my knee but otherwise no damage done apart from my red face and dirty jumper.
I have decided to have a try at a new Meme site.
It is called "That's my World".
I will add the link to my side bar.
Every Tuesday you get to play tourist guide to show off your world or travels by putting up some pictures of something from where you live. I put my river post in last week.
I don't want to complicate my blog too much but I liked the idea of this one.


Nana said...

About a year & a half ago, I wanted to learn something manual, & I got enamoured with Pottery. I took out books, & finally settled on taking courses at a studio. Somewhere along the way, before I paid the 270$ for the course, I got disctacted. this year, I learned how to sew, I took some acting classes & am curremtly in 2 plays. I think it adds so much to life when we follow through simple passions & learn new skills. it'd be fun to see some of your work on your blog!

Shadow said...

you and the pup had me giggling. the same happens with me and my shadow...

Merle said...

Dear Linda May ~~ Good post. I am sorry you had a fall though, but glad you weren't hurt too much

Thanks for your kind words about my posts. Glad you enjoy them and get a variety of emotions from them.

Take great care, my friend, Love, Merle.

carry on tuesday said...

Sunday Scribblings seems to have disappeared, but there is an alternative, Carry On Tuesday. The new prompt is up, hope you can join us.