Sunday, 6 September 2009

Boom Boom Boom!

Today was Father's day here in oz. Peter has been sick, so took a day off work because he has been having gall bladder pain. It has been going on a bit lately, and I think when he goes to the Dr on tuesday he will be told it is time to have his Gall bladder removed. Anyway, after him having a very uncomfortable night the pain went away mid morning and we went out to have a look at the open day at the Australian war memorial's Mitchell site. That is where they keep the big stuff that is not on display at the war memorial in town. It is also where they do restoration and preservation stuff. It is only open to the public twice a year. Pete loves old war planes so he was waiting for the right time to be able to get a look inside the warehouse. Not all of it was open but these 2 big areas were.
It was crowded. Here are some of the photos I took there today.
For an explanation of why... have a look at my last post for Sunday Scribblings. Look at point number 6. Key problem: power.
I am not a war monger but I think places like this are important to serve as a reminder of what happened and to try to not let happen again. Though I guess human nature will always drag us down.

The first pic at the top is a sea mine from the gulf war. Enlarge to read the tag.
Boom Boom Boom!

This is a symbol on the back of a truck from the Vietnam war I think.
Different departments had different symbols, I don't know which one this is.
A push me pull you. No just joking. I don't know what this little trolley was used for.
Probably moving shells or something.
This plane was dismantled and wrapped in a plastic cocoon.
A good place for it to be me thinks.
This is a centurion tank. More boom boom.
Big guns, of all shapes and sizes, some old some not so.
This little boat is a suicide launch.
They are unmanned and they would load them up with explosives and direct them at enemy watercraft.
Boom boom.
A big rocket. Big boom boom.
This is the end of a big gun. The metal on the barrel was about four inches thick.

Cute old vehicle.

I think this is an anti aircraft gun.

Boatie bombs.

Little Japanese howitzer.

I think this plane is a Canberra bomber. Boom Boom Boom.

You could see in the side and through the front opening of this tank and talk to the guide about it. The line was too long so I just snuck in for a photo instead.
I used to climb on stuff like this when I was a little kid and sit in fighter planes . I even got to travel in a Hercules once from Penang to Singapore. That was pretty cool for a young teenager. I thought it was great that my Dad could do stuff like that. I've been in a submarine too, when it visited Darwin and I was a child. I collected spent shells near a rifle range that I wasn't allowed to go near. We used to line them up and make patterns out of them domino style, and count them or blow in the ends to make them whistle. There were big gun things on the cliff in the army base in Darwin when we were kids and we used to play on them. Army brats. I think they would have tightened up their rules now days though. I also got to have a look in the tunnels on middle head in Sydney harbour years ago. They have been done up nowdays and are open to the public but they were not when I saw them. I thought they were smelly and dark and spooky.
All afternoon I had that song in my head.
Boom Boom Boom!
Yeah I know....... I am a weird bundle of contradictions.
Goodnight. Love Linda.


Shadow said...

happy father's day to peter!

Mountain Mama said...

That was quite an experience. Seeing the pictured sent me back a few years. About 65 years actually. WWII began when I was nine months old and ended when I was six years and nine months old. Even though I was quite young I still remember the fear in my two grandma's eyes and the talk among them and my folks and aunties and uncles. I knew that war was something to be afraid of and was happy when my uncles returned home alive. I was soooo proud of them for protecting our country!

I wish Peter a very happy fathers day even though it's a day late and I pray he can get the gall bladder problem taken care of soon.

Bimbimbie said...

The photo of the sea mine brought back childhood memories of seeing the large round WWII contact bombs in the late 1960's bobbing about on the north sea, uk. I remember being told it was an anchored bomb from the war, and asking why it was still there... decommissioned I'm sure, the local ferry passed by quite close to it *!*

A wildlife gardener said...

I always think that if men suffered in childbirth we wouldn't have so many wars...for only a mother thinks about the loss of someone else's children, a brother, father, a son...oe even a daughter. I also think it's men who want power over another nation rather than women who tend to be juggling several balls in the air, homekeeping and bringing up a family, while many are holding down a job as well..

I know we Brits had to help against Hitler...but I question why we went into Iraq and why we are in Afghanistan...just to side with the Americans...

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Father's Day to Peter! I hope he is feeling better. The photos are very interesting!

Anonymous said...

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