Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sunday scribblings "The Key"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "The Key".
I thought I would try doing this in Meme form.
1. What is your key problem?
At the present time I would have no hesitation what so ever in saying, housing. The home we have been renting is sold and we have to find another. Canberra real estate sucks big time at the moment. The market is overloaded with first home buyers racing to get a house before the first home buyers grant scheme runs out in a couple of months, so house prices are being pushed upwards to absolutely stupid levels. It is hard to get a rental house because there are more renters than houses to rent. Today I looked at 4 houses, two of which were suitable two were not. I have applied for one other (last Thursday) and am waiting to hear about that. I want those new set of keys since I have to give up the ones I have now.
2. The key to your heart?
Good loving, good food, enough money to get by, my husband, good people, my kids, not necessarily in that order, he he. Or should that be nice shoulders, bright blue eyes (I always had a soft spot for those), a nice height, kindness, Oh I do waffle on.
3. Who is the key person in your group?
I don't really hang out in a group anymore since coming to Canberra. I see this as a big cog with the key person in the middle and the rest radiating outwards like the teeth. I would like it to be me, but it is probably more likely my hubby Pete in the center.
4. What key on your ring is the most important?
I guess that would be the key to my car. Where would we be without our cars? I depend on mine to go to work to pay for my lifestyle, to get me back home again, to visit the people I want to see, to buy food and services. I listen to my music mostly in the car as well. I enjoy driving and also use my car for pleasure and entertainment. My poor little old car, it has paid for itself many times over in the years I have had it.
5. What key is the music in your head playing to?
I couldn't tell you what key is which as far as music goes. I couldn't put a name to any one of them. But if you were to play or sing me a note I could remember that. I have music and rhythm running through my head all the time. Or through my fingers or feet. Even this keyboard's rhythm is musical.
6.What is the key issue that is the problem today?
I could write here about the environment or conserving earth and its resources but I reckon the key issue that links everything is power. Too many people want it and are willing to fight for it. Too many people shouldn't have it. Too many people see money as power and will do just about anything to get it. Governments have it but sometimes don't know how to use it wisely. Too many people want to be the boss and do not know when to step back when they should.
7. Do your keys jingle?
Yep and I fiddle with them to make it happen. Music. Drives the people around me mad. He he.
8. Do you lose your keys?
I have a couple of times but not very often. Once while I was traveling we had a break at Macdonald's and I took my purse out of my handbag and walked out then left my bag under the table. I lost a whole bunch of keys and a good camera. When we got several towns away I discovered the loss and rang the restaurant but it had already gone. I hope they enjoyed my camera. Luckily there was no addresses listed in my bag for them to try the keys out at. I am more likely to walk out the door and drive away without the correct set of keys and then have to go all the way back to get them again, rather than lose them. I have often done that.
9. What do you think of key?
The context that I have taken with the word key is a very literal one. We depend on our keys so much. If people were honest maybe we wouldn't need to. If parents taught their kids better, generation after generation, maybe we could trust each other and not rely on keys for our protection and security. I guess it takes all sorts to make a world. There are always and have always been honest and dishonest people. Why?
Maybe keys are a symbol of mistrust and dishonesty. Maybe they are a symbol of locking ourselves away to hide behind our own built walls. Maybe and if!


Spring is here. We did have a frost this morning so winter chills have not disappeared completely yet. The days are sunny and warming up . Today we reached 15 degrees, the people in Sydney would be complaining how cold that is and shivering but here it is a nice improvement. There are lots of daffodils in the back yard out in flower. Last year there were only a couple but this year here are dozens of them because I have been feeding the soil and the results are showing. The big pink prunus tree is dropping its lovely flower petals and has laid a carpet of pink across my back yard. There are snowdrops and hyacinths flowering too. The stinky viburnum along the side fence will be flowering shortly. Lots of them are planted in Canberra gardens. They are tough and provide a good screen but when they flower I don't like them. They are a hay fever plant too. The seed pods on the wisteria vines on the back pergola are splitting open with loud cracks and shooting its seed to the ground, making room for the next crop, evidenced by their emerging shoots. The vegetables I planted are taking off all of a sudden, we have to move on, but the new owners should like them. They will have silver beet, brussels sprouts, peas, strawberries, rocket, mint, rhubarb, coriander and dill. Oh well, at least I know I will be leaving the soil in better condition than it was when we moved here. Tonight the full moon is shining low in the sky, a perfect round, bright orange, yellow ball. I love seeing the season's cycle and progress through the year. Especially when it comes to this reawakening at the end of winter as we move into spring. We have had a bit of very welcome rain over the last few weeks. The water storage level is slowly rising. It is listed today as 46.2%, not too good coming into summer when the rain fall drops off and the usage and evaporation rates go up. But it could be worse. Hopefully we will get some more before we get into summer.
That is about all for tonight.
Love Linda.


Jeremy said...

hi there, it was amazing how you visualize the scribblings.. perhaps i can add photos to my blogs.. nice blog, have a good day..

gautami tripathy said...

Your meme way of doing it is really good!

I hold myself in the doorway

Americanising Desi said...

:) nice r ead

The Key Fits My Story

Rinkly Rimes said...

I enjoyed the way you asked yourself questions. A novel way of approaching a meme.

anthonynorth said...

I liked your meme version. Some good thoughts there.

Mountain Mama said...

Hi there and thanks for the good wishes for my health. SUrgery is scheduled for October 19th.

I am making apple butter to can and apple pies for the freezer today. Autumn has begun here and today we have had a terrific wind. Leaves are blowing in every direction and the huge willow across the street is doing a most disgraceful dance, lifting her long leafy skirts and kicking up her shapely branches! LOL!

I will have to give some thought to your Keys question. Interesting topic.

Old Grizz said...

I enjoy your blog and love that you are able to accept moving on and leaving it better than you found it.

Here in America when people are forced to move on they think it's OK to trash the place.

You are my kind of people

Winterwood said...

whata good post about keys Linda certainly made me think about my 'key' areas in life!

Back to winter here I'm afraid - its cooler today than its been for a long time and the heater is back on! brr... oh roll on summer!!!

Urban Green said...

Liked the way you wrote...keep posting..!

Shadow said...

i share your happy spring thoughts! i'm in awe how nature shrugs off the brown and wraps itself in green, seemingly overnight. loved reading the 'key to your heart'...

Tammy said...

Very creative and I learned more about you.

UWGB-BEEK said...

I would say the best key is good food.

I enjoyed your thoughts, and it is interesting to see what keys can make you write about.