Saturday, 13 February 2010

Friday fertilizer

Hope all is well in your part of the world. It is raining here. Wonderful, wonderful wet stuff dripping from the sky to give life to all. My country is known as the driest country in the world and the rain that we are having today here in Canberra is purported to be the most significant rain we have had since 1980 something, or so it said on the radio this morning. Yippee! Keep it coming. They have even predicted flash flooding. That will help maintain out local water storage.
Yippee, then we might not have to feel so guilt for using h2o.
Anyway... here are my latest pics, "flowers in the rain" taken just minutes ago.
The first picture above is of the begonia cutting my Uncle Bill gave me in November last year when I last saw him. I have been nursing it carefully on my kitchen windowsill. It is starting to get a bit leggy and I have pinched out the central shoot but it hasn't put out any side shoots yet so I reckon I might have to raise the blind on the kitchen window to allow it some more light. The cutting is from a plant that originally was owned by my maternal great grandmother Collis. She was gone long before I was born. Special eh that I managed to get a bit of it growing. Not a great picture but you get the idea.
This is the cane begonia that belonged to my maternal grandmother Trennery. She died when I was 5 years old. It is happy outside under the trees in the back yard at the moment where it is, and has put on a lot of new growth this season, but I will have to bring it back indoors when the frosts start again.

These are my first two ripe tomatoes for the season in my kitchen windowsill.One is an apollo and the other is a grosse lisse.The apollo plant has a virus that has spoiled all the new growth.
Above...Zephranthes, rain flowers in the rain. I made that pot years ago when I was still in Tafe.
Below is ....well I am not sure if this is garlic chives or onion weed, I have been told both names. It is a bit of a pest though and keeps popping up in my potted plants every year. But it does flower so it can have a place in here. hehehehe. If you know the difference between the two please let me know.
I went shopping this morning. It was quite amusing watching people carrying umbrellas ad scuttling about to get out of the rain, while I was sauntering along enjoying it falling on me and thinking "People what are you worried about it is just water, the same stuff you drink, and stand under in the shower each day. Life giving stuff". I bought 2 nice black shirts from sales racks that were greatly reduced in price and I am quite happy with myself. One has gold bead embroidery. the other is a sort of peasant style with long sleeves. Also got some other odds and bods and my dear hubby's valentines day present for tomorrow, a 1 hour Chinese massage.
The rain is falling heavier now, as predicted, beautifully, joyfully, Cheers!
Love Linda.


Annie said...

So full of life and color. I especially like the blue container holding the pretty white flowers.

linda may said...

Lol, goodness Annie, you were quick I haven't even finished editing it yet. :)Thanks Darlin'.

miss*R said...

I think they are garlice chives. I have them in my garden too and yes, they do self seed everywhere!

Zephranthes ~ are they also known as autumn crocus? cause I have some and that is what I was told they were.. ?

we have had sooo much rain here. torrential for nearly two or three weeks.. with only one or two days of sun and 99% humidity on the sunny days. it is raining again. many, many road & rail collapses.

hope you get some good rain!

Martha said...

Morning, Linda, at least it is here. Just read all your comments on my blog. Both DH and I are starting to respond to the meds for our sciatica and bursitis. Just yesterday we both told each other it does not hurt as much as earlier in the week. And, yes, we still have all the indoor cats as well as the new outdoor adoptee. Love your photos and envy you the fresh tomatoes and beautiful blooms. The only things growing here right now are the icicles which are reaching mammoth proportions. Congrats on your sales rack finds. That is always my first place to look for clothes too. Please keep up the warm and wonderful pictures and posts.

RainGardener said...

Linda your flowers look great and so do the tomatoes. You must be doing something right.
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting.

RainGardener said...

Oh and I'm glad you guys are getting some rain that you need. Wish we could give you a standing order and send it over, under? LOL

RainGardener said...

Oh and I'm glad you guys are getting some rain that you need. Wish we could give you a standing order and send it over, under? LOL

Troy said...

I can't be sure without smelling and tasting them but they sure look like garlic chives to me.

Garlic chives have individual flowers, and when crushed have a garlic smell to them

Onion weed,or angled onion, has tall stalks with clusters of flowers, somewhere between bluebells and galdiolas, although they are white.

Crush a leaf and smell it, garlic chives have a garlic smell and onion weed has an onion smell.

The taste is more subtle, but garlic chives have a delicate garlic flavor.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Sorrow said...

thank you for coming to visit! i must confess to having lost your link when I deleted the studio blog
these computer things make me daft!
have you been making any mud pies?
we have had copious amounts of snow, so I long for the feel of a warm rain..
Love your green thumb!

Tootsie said...

your family heirloom plants are so special. I am glad you are getting some rain. and I do agree...I don't go inside just over a few raindrops!
great post today friend....thanks for linking in!

linda may said...

Thanks all, they are garlic chives via your helpful descriptions.