Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Piccies to share

Here are some pictures taken over the last week or so around home. So I can inlude it early for Tootsie's Friday Fertilizer prompt.
First one above is of a pot I planted with verbena just because I like them and they are pretty. Now they just have to grow and fill up the pot.
I found this flutterby in the netting on my swing in the back yard and put it amongst a collection of seed pods and lavender I have in the hallway. Callistemon, Shirley poppy and she oak pods.
My hairy son, Michael with Rufus our doggie.
Chillie hot.
Tomato berries, prolific & tasty little fruit.
The apple mint in flower.
More verbena, same pot.
Common chives.
Ivy geranium.
Mother Maggie. My untidy back yard. You can see in the background the swing which was my Christmas present. I made a tent to cover it and now I call it my cubby hole. It is nice to sit out there and have a cuppa, and read or do my crossword puzzles.
Mother Maggie. These are very tame and they watch for me to come outside to see if I have any tid bits for them. She takes bread out of my hand and comes with her 2 babies who she is teaching that some big bipeds give you nice things to eat if you make friends with them.
Fever few flowers. These originally came from my uncle Bill's house and they self seed easily, maybe a little too easily, I have had them popping up in the last 3 houses I have lived in.
Our computer has been offline for a few days an so I am not participating in Sunday Scribblings this week. I have been a bit down and can not think of somthing positive and nobody wants to hear me whinge so that is that.
My cousin's son has moved to Canberra to go to university and stayed here for a few days before settling into shared accommodation nearer to the uni. That was nice and he is good company, or was he just being kind to a silly old lady.
School holidays finished at the end of last week so back to regular work for me. Also back to cleaning the two houses I do.
Had take away pizza last night for tea, trying to diet again after my Christmas naughtiness, all I ate yesterday was salad for lunch so the pizza wasn't too drastic a lash out. I have lost a few kilos.
Junee poker run is on next weekend so I will have the weekend at home by myself. There is an opera by candle light thingy on in the park on saturday, freebie, I might go to that.
Ah I am so boring.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

Lovley photos! The colours are very vibrant. A nice cheery diversion to a wet afternoon in the UK. And Rufus is a cutie. He looks like a pickle..jae

Shadow said...

not boring! your life sounds wonderfully tranquil! and greed fingers you have, that's for sure.

Darla said...

You have a lot of pretties to share this week...love the verbena!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I enjoyed seeing what's blooming in your part of the world, lots of what we'll see in a few months here.

spottedwolf said...

Hi Linny....quite an eye for life you've acquired my dear..Rufus and Mike look appropriately content in the moment. The flowers are beautiful but the subtlety of colors in the flutterby among the seed pods and lavender is exquisite.Is that bird of the corvid species ?

Oh ....and SHADDUP ya big crybaby !!

noel said...


how exciting the plants are just coming into being and spring is in the air. you have alot of plants in bloom, how nice....happy fertilizer frida and the weekend to you

Anonymous said...

good, i just brought tons of different emo backgrounds to my blog

Mountain Mama said...

This doesn't sound boring to me, it sounds 'BUSY'
Your flowers are so pretty. =Seeing them makes me so excited for spring to officially say hello!
On the east coast of the USA, they are getting a snow storm which treatens to dump 30 inches of snow on them in a 24 hour period.
I am on the west coast and have had beautiful sunshiny days.SPring is trying so hard!

Tootsie said...

wow...you have some very good spring like blooms going on there!!! I love the daisy type that are the last photo...they are so innocent looking!
so not boring at all!!! peaceful and safe is not boring...I'd give anything for that!
thanks for linking in today!!!

Cozy Little House said...

I have not had fever few plants in some time. I shall put that on my list for spring. Love the pics of the dog and the bird creature in your yard!

miss*R said...

first of all you simply must show & tell about the cutting from your great- grandma's plant!!

I make home-made pizzas, a weight watchers recipe.. using the lebanese bread as a base, tomato paste & fresh herbs light cheese and all manner of vegies for topping - they are delish and easy to make.

love, love the swing & tent in the backyard.. decorate it with tuille and fake flowers, and maybe some of those tassels trims..some brightly coloured cushions, a mint & lemonade drink, tea lights & it could become a little bit of bohemia in your own backyard
did you go to the Opera in the park?
(ps, thanks tons for visiting Inglewood regularly, I do appreciate your comments. xo)