Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday Scribblings "The Message"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is 'The Message"
Yesterday I ran away from home for the day. Rufus and I on our own. The picture above is my chariot.
This is the Warri bridge on the Shoalhaven river.

Bateman's bay from the lookout. Clyde river, looking towards the sea.
Just cos' I liked it.
My favorite beach there is at Tomakin about 20km south of the bay. I took my camera and some soft clay to make impressions of the rocks to play with on my pots. They will create wonderful textures for me. I have been going here to Tomakin for years and marveling at the patterns and textures in the rock at the northern end of the little beach and been meaning to take clay and my camera with me. Yesterday I did. I made some plaques with seaweed and shell impressions too. That blue board I took to lay the clay flat on, was a real pain to carry because it was very windy and the wind kept pushing the board in all directions making it difficult to climb over the sharp rocks with safety. I ripped a good size chunk of skin off my toes trying.

Wonderful little rocks and shells every where.

The rocks seem to be put down in volcanic stone layers with layered with sedimentary stone between them. Probably formed under the sea. Can you imagine the power of the earth to turn them sideways and the time that took to bring them to the positions they are today? Those big rocks smashed and pounded against the cliff wearing away the rock, making this cave and smoothing myriads of pebbles and shells until they are tiny like the ones in my hand.

These huge boulders are uplifted and turned on their sides, look at the wonderful strata and colors in them. Love it!
Rufus and I had a lovely day. He got to pelt up and down the beach and meet other doggies. He got very worried though and didn't enjoy climbing over the rocks, I had to go back to carry and rescue him several times, he is a very little doggie. I had fresh oysters and prawns for afternoon tea and bought a box of delicious fresh stone fruits from a roadside vendor. I dropped in on another potter who lives there and had a yarn with her.
Photos don't really do those colors justice.
Another spot on the cliff wall pounded away at and beginning to make another cave.
This one shows the area from further back.
This shows the strata on the cave ceiling.
The picture below is of the sea wall in the bay.
My Message is;

No matter how far you run away from home
You have to come back
where everything
Will be waiting for you
Just as you left it


miss*R said...

I love the south coast for the rocks and shells found there and also the rock formations on the coast. so much more interesting than up north! we were down at Sussex yesterday, rain, rain, rain...
I would love to create a message in a bottle and just leave it somewhere.. for someone to find.

Yvonne said...

I love running away from home...I have a solo trip planned for myself in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited! It's just a day trip, but it will just be me and the dog!

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Souds like a great day and your photos are wonderful - thank
you for sharing them with us.
Thanks for your comments and I agree - some animals amaze us with their
kindness and care, such as Jasmine.
We had a greyhound once as a pet and he was beautiful, we called him Bouncer or Bouce. He never was very still. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

oldegg said...

What a bounty you collected on your escape from home. In it there is so much potential for many words and pictures in the future.

anthonynorth said...

That looks an amazing place, topped by an excellent message.

jaerose said...

Beautiful pictures and storyboard to your day of escape. And the poem at the end - powerful and concise. Jae ..

A Girl Named Me said...

Running away - even just for a few moments, even if only in your mind - is such a delightful thing.

But coming home - there is a certain comfort in that.


Martha said...

Wish I could have run away too but we are snowed in in WV. At least 8 inches in my backyard birdbath. Envy you the beach and rocks and shells. All I see is white and brown. Loved your photos. Rocks have always fascinated me. I have a great nephew who wants to be a paleonologist. Hope he still wants to be that when he grows up. The wonder of discovery!

keiths ramblings said...

What wonderful rocks and so different from the white cliffs which line my coast.A joy to read and view

rosey said...

Like you I love to escape, it makes coming home again even more special

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and what a great place to escape to.

Wren said...

I hit the big 50 over 3 years ago.
You have done an amazing job on your blog, I really love the photos, too.

Lilibeth said...

I love your message. Travelers, not just prodigals, need home too. The pictures are exquisite, as always. My daughter aspires to be a potter. She would understand this excitement over dirt and clay colors.

Tootsie said...

what an awesome place! I'd love to visit somewhere like this

Annie said...

I was enchanted Linda. From the bridge to the layered rocks to the rocks and shells and little Rufus, I had a wonderful adventure with you.

Merle said...
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