Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Week

I am bored. It is cold. Sunday is at an end and I am waiting for the SS prompt to be written up so I can write to that. Here in oz we often do not get the prompt until Monday.
Pete has worked all weekend and as the school holidays have just finished my income was a bit down last week and there is no extra money to go anywhere.
My son had a friend stay for the weekend so I stayed discretely out of their way and now he has gone out with some other people to the movies.
I am Bored. So bored. I am on my 5th cup of tea for the day and have taken a small handful of ginger biscuits to accompany it. How bored am I .
I ate 2 bits of toast with apricot jam for breakfast, the last of what was made from my own apricot tree when I lived in Junee, some left over rice for lunch with a mushroom chopped up and some bacon thrown in and 2 nashi pears. I am bored. Bored.
I have spent the weekend by myself in front of this silly machine and had the little heater blowing on my legs under the table. I am bored.
Done the dishes, cleaned the kitchen,took out the rubbish, hung a load of washing on the clothes hoist inside as it looks to be clouding over. I am bored. Bored. Bored.
Hmmm ginger biscuits are good, gone, bored.
Visited most of the blogging people I know today.
During the week;
Monday I got to stay home and clean my own house.2 toilets.
Tuesday I cleaned Marg's house, then the schools. 54 toilets.
Wednesday back to the office refurbish then the schools in the afternoon and evening. 52 toilets.
Thursday as for Wednesday.57 toilets. Fun Fun Fun. I said I clean toilets for a living didn't I?
Friday the aches and pains (feet, ankles, knees, neck and lower back) got the better of me and I could hardly stand my own weight on my legs , the normal paracetamol and dencorub not making any difference to it. I rested in bed until mid morning then went out to get some groceries. Came home still hurting badly, took some stronger pain killers and went back to bed until I had to do the schools again. 52 toilets. Lol.
Dear hairy son helps me when I hurt too much by doing some of the mopping when he is finished his part of the work.
Whatever had upset my back and legs, now seems to be relaxing as they are not as sore and I got through Friday's afternoon shift with a lot less pain. The pain starts up again as soon as I stop moving though. It had been building up for a while and I was expecting that my knees would collapse at any moment with just one wrong move as they have done before. When that happens it takes a couple of weeks for the pain to get better. But I seem to have avoided that so far this time, touch wood, she says as she touches her head. Hehehe.
Maybe someone is watching out for me and giving me this boring weekend for a reason.
C'mon there has gotta be some positive here somewhere.
I will be so glad when the cold goes away and my pains lessen with it and I can feel strong again.
We are now over the hump and the days are becoming a few minutes longer as we slowly creep closer to spring.
Well what a whinging bloody post that was.
There are buds on the narcissus in the front yard now. The Erica by the front door is flowering despite the stiff frozen morning frosts we experience at this time of the year. Next weekend, all being well, I think I will prune the roses.
My puddy cat Boo is sitting beside me again on the desk as I play on the puter. I guess with the heater blowing underneath us and me here to give her cuddles she finds it a nice spot to be.

Last weekend Pete and I went to the recently opened national portrait gallery here in Canberra. Pretty impressive. I followed one of the freebie tour guides around. Some very impressive and famous( known in Australia) artworks are in there. My favorite one was of Deborah Mailman. She is a beautiful young Koorie actress. The painting is quite a large one and painted on used hessian wool bags which will unfortunately disintergrate over time, but the portrait is wonderful.
It will soon be time for Pete to come home from work.... around 7.45 I am guessing. Then he will eat tea, chicken drumsticks, I haven't decided what I will do with them yet. He will eat tea, go to sleep on the lounge then wander off to bed. I am bored.
Bye for now.
Love Linda.


Winterwood said...

OH dear - sounds like a bot bored am I right? lol... hope theboredom has passed now? I get like when dh works all weekends and I stay home alone for too long!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate, I think my OCD is acting up again as I checked all my blogs about 60trillion times during the week. So bored. he he

Hey you live in Canberra, stop cleaning toilets and become a Public Servant. That will save your poor back!