Monday, 26 July 2010

Sunday scribblings "Letter"

This Sunday scribblings post is bought to you by the letter "L"'
Both my christian name and my married surname start with the letter L. It was quite a big joke for Peter and I before we were married that my name would rhyme so funnily. We even made up silly rhyming names for the kids, plane lander, olli lander, lap lander, are some that I remember laughing about. Thankfully (i am sure the kids would agree) we never did use them Hahaha. One of my old friends had a little son who loved the sound of my rhyming name and used to turn it into a little tune when he said it. There is also things like our little old caravan, the name on the front of it is Overlander, then we could tow it with a Landrover( if we had one).
So anyway, this is a piece of silliness I have made up trying use lots of letter L words. Just humor me and pretend it rhymes. I know it doesn't.

The Lazy Lizard Lounge

Lenny watched the ladies at the lazy lizard lounge.
There was Liza, Lily Lee and Layla Thistledown.
Leanne, Lou Lou and Leticia, out on the town.
Lumpy legged Linda was dancing round the floor
Legs a leaping, arms akimbo,
laughing at them all, then spun madly out the door.

Louis watched as Lorrie sang him
lilting lyrics on the stage
Looking, listening, loving , leering
He made sure when she was finished
he'd not let her get away.

Lenny watched Lila lick her luscious lacquered lips.
She knew that he was watching, swayed her leopard legging-ed hips.
Alike, each loath to leave alone, loving without laws.
Len led Lila lightly around the lizard's floor
Then lithely, unopposed,
steered her deftly out the door.

Little Lucy on the left, leaning with her beer.
Lashes lowered, leaking eyes, little face a sneer.
Looked at Lenny's lecherousness and Lenny knew she saw.
Lucy lost her Lenny.
Lenny wasn't worth the cost.
Lila would learn the hard way before too much time was lost.


Yes I know I am not a poet and it did not rhyme, and it broke all the rules. I am not that smart that I follow them. I wanted to tell a story.
I had a picture in my mind as I was playing with this of a sleazy pick up club. I know there are lots of Lennys out there and lots of Lilas and Lucys. There always will be sadly. Songs and movies and books find them a regular subject, and I love people watching and day dreams. Lenny will most probably be left out in the cold, alone and find his age against him one day, then scratch his head and say,"Women are too much trouble anyway. Oh why me, what did I ever do wrong?" Or better still have his heart broken by his match mate, another Lila. Nasty aren't I?
Lila will outgrow her lust eventually, and find herself alone as well. Realize she played too many games with too many people and it is too late.
Lucy will probably snatch up the first bloke who comes along that treats her reasonably well and stick to him no matter what. Then put up with all sorts of shit for the sake of love. Or will she grow hard and close the door on love?
That is all.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

and love your story i did. so fun.

Dee Martin said...

this was a "lulu" of a post :)
who cares about rules anyway!

Bimbimbie said...

I liked the liveliness of it all*!*

gs batty said...

Hi Linda
I have been reading a lot of poetry lately and the ones I like the best are the ones that do not rhyme. they tell stories. I loved this one. My favorite Poet this week is David Lee. Here is a link to 3 of them that I thin are great.

Martha said...

Hi Linda. Fun L stuff! Sorry I have been away so long and it will probably happen again. Seem to have lost interest in some of the things I used to do - may be medication related. Having another surgery this week for a hernia around the incision from last summer's appendectomy. As I have been in some pain and discomfort I am looking forward to this one and hope it works. I'll be back.