Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Source"

G'Day All,
I hope you are all enjoying what the universe has dealt you today without too many worries. That is all we can do eh?
This weeks prompt word for Sunday scribblings is "Source".
I had today off work as it is the first day of the 3rd school term here, and the first day back is always a teachers planning and preparation day. Tomorrow I go back to cleaning the schools I do. Plus deal with the associated aches and pains doing same at this time of year provides.

Mum where is the source?

It is on the table.

No, No it's not I already looked.

Well, look in the pantry cupboard

Mum I can't see it!

Try the fridge.

Mum I can't find it!!!!!!

Well..... move a few things aside, it has got to be there.
Big sigh.
Oh, give me a look.
There, there it is.
Right under your nose.


The picture above is the source or the sauce.
Pop's tomato sauce. Made at farm 98, Yoogali.
Yoogali is a little village just outside Griffith in New South Wales. Which is my mother's old hometown and birthplace. It is a fruit and vege growing area. Now known for its wine making as well.
It is the best source/sauce and the only one I buy from preference. The best thing since sliced bread.
I just had a frustrating exchange, similar to the above bit of silliness with my dear hairy son. Ever since we got a new computer a few weeks ago I have not been able to do my usual stuff in here with the ease that I used to do. I now have to go through umpteen dozen different steps to display one simple photo with the new program thingies. Ugh! I don't understand and I can't remember so many steps at a time.
He understands the puter, I understands the kitchen or the source.
A frustrating little generational gap. My Mum, my son and me. All depending on each other in different ways.
Family. The source.
That is all this time.
Love Linda.


Marsha said...

clever and so true to life. source, secret sauce, it's all in the recipe! thanks, Marsha

oldegg said...

What fun to use our Australian "Dead Horse" as the source of your inspiration this week.

gs batty said...

You always perk me up..cute, funny and somewhat informative...if I ever get to Australia I will at least feel that I know something about it other than tourist stuff..thanks

Dee Martin said...

I love this - love the sauce/source (want to try some now) and the contrasts in gaps of pronunciation, generation, computer literacy - all of it. It's hard to leanr new ways once we get used to something. sounds like you may be dealing with Windows Vista or 7 as it seems very different from xp. Good luck to you!