Saturday, 16 April 2011

Monday Memories, Costumes?

I have just been reading through the Monday memories contributors posts and enjoying them , which leads me to.....
I was remembering when my sisiter Ellen and I were very small. Costumes we didn't really have, that I can remember but we had a song that we would sing together in the bath tub. Hahaha. We had a record a 45 rpm that was called "The tales of Mrs Twiggy Winkle." On the record was a funny little song, to my long ago memory, it said "Bright and clean, Bright and clean, clean as we have ever been,we have never ever been so bright and clean". We would jump out of the bath tub and run through the house singing it with bath bubbles still clinging and dripping across the floor as we sung. I remember our parents laughing and chasing us with a towel to dry us off. Hahaha.
Oh I am loving this prompt, now where did that memory come from, it was so long ago. A bubble costume!
Oh yes..... now I remember two dresses. They were my Mum's dancing dresses and I loved them. One of them was bright red and the other a beautiful bright sky blue and we would put them on and swan around the house.
My Mum must have been so skinny when she wore them out. They were just beautiful , both were made from a stiff taffeta type material and had flared out puffy skirts that were too long for us, but in their day were most likely ankle length. She had an 18 inch waist in those days (something I never attained in my adult years). My sister and I very quickly out grew the waist in them and were unable to do up the zipper at the side. I loved those dresses, I can still see them in my mind. Pretty.
My own children loved to dress up when they were little. Michael had a cowboy costume. An old story that my sister tells .... She was living in Sydney at the time and decided that she would take Michael home with her for a few days and I would drive up there and pick him up. So she took him on the plane with her , his first plane ride. He of course had to wear his cowboy outfit. When they were boarding the plane he held up the plane with his plastic gun and everybody thought it was hilarious. Wow, I bet they wouldn't put up with that so easily now days.
David had a superman outfit. And Anne Marie was a fairy princess.
David was a funny little guy with that superman outfit. It included a shirt and a cape and he refused to take it off when he was three years old. It was originally meant to be pajamas but he wouldn't have that and wanted to wear it day and night, to the point that he would get angry with me when I had to take it off him to wash. He would wait eagerly for it to be dry enough to put back on again and if he could have reached the clothes line to get it down himself he would have worn it wet. Haha.
Oh I should go through my old photos to share with you before I start writing. Hahaha. So cute.
Bye for now. Love Linda.


Amanda said...

Thank you for posting this. I can feel the warmth of those memories all the way here.

Bethe77 said...

What wonderful memories of childhood dress up. I miss those day with my daughters. Im sure I did it as well but have no utter clear memory of it at all.
Those dresses of your moms sound lovely.
Thank you for sharing them with us.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. May you have a blessed weekend.

Josie said...

Your Memories posts always leave me smiling Linda! This one was no exception! Giggles in bathtub bubbles, mama's pretty dresses... and daddy's giant shoes, the costumes I made my children for Halloween that they loved and still remember! Once again I follow you down memory lane. I hope you are saving these stories to pass on to your children, someday they will treasure them!

Winterwood said...

oh linda I really enjoyed reading thru these memories. I have lots of photos of my dh when he was little in his cowboy costumes.( he looks so cute and lol)

My dd's loved to be dressed up either as fairies or nurses! Thats what childhood is all about fantasy and fun and youve captured that in your post! brought back some very happy memories!

ps thanks for all your lovely comments too on my blog!

Helena said...

Smiles...Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I appreciate your kind comments..

I posted the Crumb Cake recipe on my blog ~ "Leaving A Trace"

Please visit again

Helena said...

Linda, I tried to email you, but it keeps bouncing back...I corrected my recipe, thanks for spotting that...

Hazel said...

Those were the days when an innocent play was thought hilarious. I prefer those days. Anna Marie must have looked enchanting in her fairy princess costume.

P.S. Sorry I'm late. I just got back from out of town without connection.

Anonymous said...

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