Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday scribblings "Design"

G'day again,
Sunday in most or the world is Monday here. Monday evening to be precise. So time to play with the Sunday Scribblings prompt word for this week.


This bit goes there
That one over here
No let me change that
Ah that is better
Now where does this piece belong?

Stand back and look
Twist, poke, prod, straighten, stroke
Add another piece of clay
Play with your imagination
Does this work?

Design is something I enjoy playing with in clay. Clay has the advantage of being three dimensional. Not flat like pencil or paint on paper.
Design covers form, function and decoration. Heaps of fun to play with. You can choose to concentrate on one of these elements or use them together in different combinations. A balanced design.
I have recently had discussion at pottery with another potter on perfection. She is a purist and has everything just so. Tied up so tight that there is no room for a mistake. If there is an imperfection in something she makes it goes back in the recycling bucket to be worked up and reused again later. I guess that makes for a better potter than I am. It annoys me though. Everything fresh and new and perfect annoys me. I love the subtle imperfections of hand made items. If you want something perfect you can go to a shop and buy it. Pottery shouldn't have to be perfect.
I have driven through newly built suburbs and admired the houses, but when you take a second look, what have they got to add to individuality. I want to dirty them , muss them up, shake and ruffle them a bit. Give them some character.
There is a Japanese type thingy called Sabi Wabi. It recognizes and finds the beauty in imperfection. Nature has no straight lines and is not perfect. It does not need to be to work, and in that, there is a particular type of perfection.
I don't like that we get so tied up trying to be perfect when we should , by our own, and natures design, accept that we are all imperfect.
We can improve on elements but why do we have to turn ourselves inside out to do it. Surely there is enough pressure to conform.
That is all.
Love Linda.


oldegg said...

Pottery is so tactile, really hands on, you and the earth together again.
Sabi Wabi sounds good. Real beauty lies not in flawlessness which is sterile but in subtle faults that are all but unnoticed but give art and ourselves character.

What a great post to have me raving along like that!

Amanda said...

I don't like that we get so tied up trying to be perfect when we should, by our own, and natures design, accept that we are all imperfect.

Well said, Linda.

jaerose said...

I loved your poem 'does this work'..maybe that's a better question then 'is it perfect'..just have to get over the hurdle of not minding clay in your fingernails..although there's always gloves..happy potting..Jae :)

Annie said...

I knew someone like that a long time ago (and for a long time). She's not in my life anymore and I was amazed at how much happier I was not to have that friend anymore. Perfectionism when applied to a friend as a redesign project, is not a good thing.

Kate said...

I really envy you, being able to create pottery. I look for little flaws in the hand crafted pottery I own- it's like finding a little piece of the true artist. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I am an asymmetrical girl, which is probably why I tend to write free verse instead of form poetry. I love pottery, flower arrangements, paintings, any art which comes forth as its very own, zen-like self.

Great post, and thanks for stopping by to see me, too! Amy