Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sunday Scribblings "Shine".

Sunday Scribblings prompt site this week has given us the prompt word "Shine".
I went away over night for the Easter break to the south coast of New South Wales.
Peter was given tickets to see Bob Dylan at Woolongong for his birthday so we got to see the sea and Bobby too. Bob Dylan is approaching his 70th year. Or so I was told. I liked the way he always changes and does not give what is expected of him. Free thinker and performer.
While Peter and I were away we had a lovely wander around and explored some of the high lights of the area. The city and beaches, the countryside in general and crafty shops. We also visited the Nan Tien temple which is at Woolongong and is the biggest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. Very very impressive.
We stopped in at a roadside pottery and had a lovely and informative talk with the potter and his wife .Roger and Pauline Graham. What a lovely way for them to spend their retirement years, running a pottery, sharing their work and knowledge with people dropping in to visit.
As you have seen before in here, I love the south coast. It is so clean and fresh and lovely. The beaches and the bush. It shines, it really does. Nature's treasure.
The photo above is one taken of a rock pool sparkling in the sun, probably a month ago at Lake Tabourie. I live for my short trips to the coast, just a few hours drive from here.
The next picture is of a small beach near a seaside town called Vincentia. Blenheim beach. Taken on Easter Sunday on our way home. Encompassing pure, whiter than white sand and the clear turquoise waters of Jervis bay. Jervis bay is actually bigger than Sydney harbour and was under consideration as a site for what is now Sydney. I think they decided it was too shallow or something. I can't remember. But it is a beautiful spot.
Poppies. Bright and shining in the sun. Sunlight highlighting their beauty.
My husband shines . At work he has been given the honor of being called "Uncle" by the indigenous people who are there. A big honor for him and he is very proud to have it.

Shine sun shine
as the seasons cycle
soon it will be cold
but still you shine

Give us life sun
and heat our days
warm from the cold
until spring returns again

Love Linda.


cherrylej said...

hi! thanks for taking time visiting my site. yes truly it's amazing how we can still remember or dreams from a long time ago and how we will have it as a dream before it happens :)

Amanda said...

Nice pictures. That was a lovely short trip.

jaerose said...

Those poppies are stunning and certainly shine..loved your words..who'd have thought Bob Dylan still tours..is he grumpy? Shiny? there for much of the set? Jae :)

oldegg said...

What a fantastic travelogue of your visit to the coast. It is really great to walk vicariously in your footsteps.

linda may said...

Jae, Yep he stayed, I wasn't close enough to the stage to see his face but he didn't seem grumpy.He had a metallic stripe down the side of his trousers, that shone. Hahaha. He is my hubby's all time favorite performer.
Cherrylej, Our minds work overtime, even when we are asleep, I often have predictive dreams that I remember later when I am doing something.
Amanda, that is a lovely area to visit.
Robyn, Thanks mate. Have you ever been to that area?Magic.

Jingle said...

love the photo images.
breath taking.