Friday, 18 May 2007

It started raining here yesterday evening and rained for most of last night with a few nice follow up showers today and there is more on the way. Out in the west of the state in Bourke and Tibooburra they have had the best rain since 2000 over the last few days. 63 points reported in Bourke on the news. SEND IT DOWN!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Its greening up here now, I hope it lasts. I have my little heater going tonight as it is a bit cool.
On the local news over the last week there has been talk of level 4 water restrictions starting along the Murray and Murrumbidgee River corridors from 1st July. That means no outside watering, no car washing, further water cutbacks to industry and farming. Probably other cutbacks I haven't heard about as well. This has been controversial here as a large % of our supply comes from artesian sources and not from the river. ( Junee is about 25 km from the river.) The Murrumbidgee River and Murray Rivers are very low and need a good flush to fill and clean them out. I can't remember the last time the river was up. Except for when my daughter was a toddler and I worked in Wagga and the trains ran into town to get people to work across the flood waters. My daughter is 18 now. The river did of course get like this before being controlled by dams as they are now, and were known to dry into a series of pools where the old paddle steamer transport boats would be stuck until it rained enough again. The rivers were the main supply route in those days. They aren't permitted to dry out like that now, but I reckon I could walk across the Bidgee at Wagga at the moment without getting my belly button wet. I had a walk along the levee bank behind the potter's club a few weeks ago and had a look. I also found some mushrooms and took them home for tea with me. Nice. I might find some more after this rain, the ground should still be warm enough.
There is a new girl starting at work next week I'm not looking forward to it. I pity her as it is always difficult starting a new job. It will mean getting used to everyone while she learns all the jobs we have to do. In my years there, (13) this has almost always been a difficult time for us as well as the new person. I like to sit back and watch and keep my mouth shut as it always works out in the end. One bonus though, I shouldn't loose all of my days off like I have been lately. I'm tired at the moment but I think you get like that this time of year when the seasons are changing.
Well I think I have said a lot about nothing much here tonight so I had better go to bed. Good Night.
Love Linda.

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