Monday, 7 May 2007

garden renovations.

I haven't been in here for 2 weeks so I guess its about time....... I had a few days extra work and we got Austar connected to our t.v. so I've been entertained else where. Today I finally got around to the second stage of garden renovations I had planned for my front yard.I started about 9 in the morning and stayed out the front working on it until dark. The agapanthus along the front fence were in need of lifting and dividing after being in the same place for about 8 to 10 years. Too long anyway.Their root systems were monstrous and the whole garden bed was full and root bound with the fibrous roots they have. I got the first clump dug out then gave up as it was too heavy for me so I got Pete and Michael to do the heavy digging for me, while I dug out the roots left behind and rescued the Japanese Iris and double white freesias that were amongst them.There were also a million tiny oxalis bulbs mixed in, which would have to be the most annoying weed ever created.Proving the gardeners saying "If you make it good for the plants, you make it good for the weeds too!" The circular beds that we did a month or so ago have re shot with lots of bulbs and yarrow but a lot more oxalis and rubbish weeds too. I haven't finished breaking up the clumps of agapanthus but will get back to them tomorrow.Then replant. One of the girls from work has been waiting for me to tackle this job so she can get the left overs, so she came for a while after work today and helped me break up some of the blue agapanthus clumps. The white clumps were less vigorous and much easier to divide though I think I remember that the flowers on the white plants were bigger than the blue ones. We broke two spades and an El cheapo garden fork digging today. One of the spades we only bought today, and it broke too. Pete returned it to the shop and they replaced it.
Last Saturday was Tumut's Festival of the Falling Leaf so we went up there for a day out and look around.It rained. The best rain we have had for months so nobody was complaining. The area where the stalls were set up was very muddy and slippery. Tumut ( read it backwards) is a town about an hours drive from here at the foot of the snowy mountains. Mostly forestry type industries, hydro electricity and tourism but also a small to medium regional center, a pretty place to visit. Famous for its autumn leaves. It is also close to Blowering dam which is a huge water storage, hydro electricity and recreational area which is partly in Kosciusko National park. The dam is at the moment at eleven percent capacity because of the drought. On the way there we stopped at Adelong Falls and went for a walk. Mum stayed at the car as the walk is quite hard for her, even though she has tackled it before. Because of the rain the track was washed away and damaged in places. Anyway while we were away Mum started talking to two blokes in the car park. When I got back they were still there and there was a box sitting on the back of my car. I though "Oh my god what is she up to, Picking up everyone's rubbish or something?" Anyway, the 2 blokes were visiting from Queensland and said they had been to a farm picking fruit and because Mum was talking to them told her she was a nice lady and gave her a box of granny smith apples. Granny smith apples are aussie bred ones which are bright green, tangy and crunchy, good for eating or cooking. They are beautiful, I have cooked a couple of lots and we've been having them with yogurt or ice cream and taking them to work fresh for lunch. Only my Mum could talk to strangers and get given a box of apples for it. She's so funny.
This Saturday I fired the Potter's club kiln. I had my rose themed pots in it with copper red glaze on them. The rose pots came out good and the glaze is nice too. It is a nice clear pinky red color, I'm happy with it.One large bowl with copper red on it dunted and so did the trays with blue and green melted glass in them. That was a shame as the colors and effect was just what I wanted them to be. All shelves were safe and clean. They are usable for home but not to sell. Next time I will use Raku clay with the glass instead and see how that goes. Also had two small wall plaques with molded ladies faces on them that were very nice in an dark oatmeal glaze.
It is council grant application time again and the club is putting in for one for a workshop with Neil Boughton who is a potter from Fitzroy Falls who does great post fire raku reduction lustres. We are also trying for a grant to have the gallery floors sanded and re polished. I rang 3 tradesmen for quotes and only one bothered to turn up but he didn't leave his name so I don't know which one it was. I hope he gets the paper work to me in time as I only have a month to get everything sorted and the application in. If I can find out which one, he wins, just for turning up when he said he would.
It's late. 12.47 here so good night, I'm going to bed!
Love Linda.

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